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Things to Note if Your Baby Waking up Too Early

Waking up at 5am every day isn’t fun. But what happens if your child wakes up earlier than usual? Do you just let him/her cry until he falls back asleep? Or do you try to get out of bed and comfort your little angel? Here’s a list of things to keep in mind if your baby wakes up too early.

Things to Note if Your Baby Waking up Too Early

Don’t Force It!

If your baby is awake, don’t wake them up by picking them up or trying to put them down again. Let them sleep for as long as they want to. They will eventually fall back asleep on their own. In addition, make sure that the room temperature is comfortable enough so that when they are sleeping, they aren’t cold. However, if this doesn’t work, then there might be something else going on with your baby.

Try Not to Feed Them Before 6 AM

It can cause more problems like gas pains and constipation. So instead, give them some milk after 7-8 hours of being awake. This way, they won’t have any hunger pangs later on. Also, avoid giving them food right before falling asleep because it may lead to tummy aches.

Stay Calm

Try not to stress about how much time has passed since your last nap. It may seem like an eternity but once your baby goes back to sleep, they won’t remember that first hour of crying.

If you are in a situation where it is impossible for you to get some rest or if the baby wakes up every few hours and needs attention, then consider taking advantage of daytime naps. If this happens often during the day, try going out with them so that you can have some peace and quiet while still getting enough quality sleep at night. Try using white noise machines when trying to fall asleep.

Make Sure That Your Baby Gets Plenty of Exercise

Exercise helps babies stay healthy and happy. Plus, it also makes them less likely to wake up frequently throughout the night. You should take walks together whenever possible. And even better, go swimming! Swimming is great for both parents and children. Not only does it help improve physical fitness, but it also improves mental health.

Keep Track of Everything

Write down all the times that your baby woke up and cried. Then look over these notes from time to time to see whether anything seems off. For example, did your baby always cry between 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm? Is there a pattern to his cries? These questions could indicate that your baby is having trouble staying asleep.

taking notes of baby sleep

Talk to Your Doctor

Sometimes, certain medical conditions can affect your baby’s ability to sleep through the night. Your pediatrician can run tests to determine why your baby keeps waking up. He/she can also recommend ways to deal with such issues.

Get Professional Advice

There are many books available online which offer tips on dealing with sleepless nights. Some of these include “The No Cry Sleep Solution” by Dr. Harvey Karp and “Sleepless Nights – How To Help Your Baby Go Back To Bed On His Own At Night” by Dr. William Sears. Both of these books provide helpful information on what works best for different types of babies.

Don’t Give Up Hope

Even though things might be tough now, don’t lose faith. Babies grow fast and will soon learn to sleep through the night without needing constant supervision. In fact, most kids start sleeping through the night around 2 years old. So keep working hard until he reaches that milestone.

Be Patient

As mentioned earlier, it takes time for babies to develop their own unique patterns of sleeping. But as long as you continue providing love and support, eventually your little one will figure out how to doze off peacefully. Furthermore, you shouldn’t expect overnight success right away. Instead, focus on making small changes each week. This way, you’ll gradually increase your child’s chances of falling asleep easily.

Get Help From Family Members

Ask someone else to stay with your baby while you have a quick shower or grab breakfast. That way you can both relax knowing your baby is safe and sound. Moreover, if this person has experience in caring for infants, they may be able to suggest some solutions to get your kid back to bed.

grandma holding baby

Try Not To Stress About It

If you feel like crying because your child won’t stop screaming in his crib, try taking deep breaths instead. This may calm you enough so that you can get some rest too. Then when you wake up again, take another look at your situation and make sure everything is okay before trying something new.

Find Support Groups

Parenting is tough. Having people who understand what you’re going through can really help. Join online communities such as Facebook Groups. Additionally, there are local parent-to-parent organizations where parents share ideas and experiences. You could even ask your doctor or nurse practitioner for referrals.

Take Breaks During the Day

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, step away from your baby’s room for a few minutes. It’ll make you more relaxed and ready to tackle another round of nighttime struggles later on. What’s more, having a break every hour or two will also allow you to catch any signs of fatigue creeping into your body.

Keep Trying!

You’ve tried everything possible to solve this problem but nothing has worked yet. However, if you stick with it, sooner than you think, your baby will fall into an easy-to-sleep routine. As a result, you’ll no longer need to worry about him waking up multiple times throughout the night.


Just don’t give up hope just yet. Your baby will learn to sleep soon enough. All you need to do now is wait patiently. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. After all, parenting isn’t always fun. Sometimes we find ourselves exhausted beyond belief. And sometimes our kids aren’t exactly angels either. Nevertheless, remember to appreciate those moments when things go smoothly. Because once your baby starts sleeping well, you’ll start enjoying life much better.

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