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Is It Bad if Babies Skip Crawling?

Crawling is an important milestone for babies as it helps them to develop their motor skills and learn how to get around. Crawling also helps babies interact with their environment, which can help them learn about their surroundings and build their confidence. However, it is not harmful for babies to skip crawling if they are able to walk or sit up already.

is it bad if babies skip crawling

Why Babies Shouldn’t Skip Crawling?

One argument against early crawling is that it may stunt the development of motor skills. For example, crawling infants learn how to move their arms and legs more efficiently when they start using them to explore their environment.

In contrast, infants who start walking and crawling at a later age are more likely to exhibit gross motor delays, such as not being able to walk or crawl properly. However, some studies suggest that early crawling may not lead to poorer mental health outcomes in children. So it is up to parents to decide what is best for their child.

Why Babies May Skip Crawling

Parents may choose to skip baby crawling if they feel that it is not necessary or beneficial for their child’s development. Here are five reasons why parents may make this decision:

They’re Just Not Ready

Parents may choose to skip crawling if they feel that their child is not ready for the task. This decision can be made for a variety of reasons, such as the child’s age, physical ability, or developmental stage. Ultimately, it is up to the parents to decide when their child is ready to move on to other developmental milestones.

They Don’t Have Enough Time

For some parents, crawling may not be the best option for their baby because they do not have enough time to teach the baby how to crawl. Parents may choose to skip crawling and wait until their baby is older and can walk.

Over-Protective of Their Baby

There is evidence that suggests that some parents are too over-protective of their baby and may choose to skip crawling. This can be detrimental to the baby’s development as they may not learn how to crawl properly, which can impact their motor skills and ability to move around independently later on in life. Crawling is a critical step in motor skill development and should not be skipped without a good reason.

Baby Have Enough Coordination

Some parents believe that babies don’t need to crawl because they have enough coordination to get around without it, while others believe that crawling is an important part of development and is necessary for babies to develop good muscle memory. Ultimately, it’s up to the parents to decide if they want their baby to crawl or not.

baby crawling on bed among toys

It’s Too Hard for Them

Crawling involves a lot of effort for a baby, and some parents may feel that it is too much work for their little ones. Skipping crawling may provide a simpler introduction to movement for the baby, and may lead to increased movement skills as they grow older.

They Might Fall and Get Hurt

It is understandable why parents may choose to skip crawling. The fear of falling and getting hurt is a common one, especially for new parents. However, this decision can be harmful to a baby’s development. Crawling helps babies learn how to move around in their environment and strengthens their muscles and bones.

What Crawling Style Are the Easiest to Learn?

Crawling is a great way for babies to learn about their environment. There are many types of crawling styles that babies can learn. Each style has its own benefits and drawbacks, and we think the most easy to learn crawling is the classic hands and knees.

There are a few reasons why classic hands and knees is the most easiest to learn for baby. First, it is the simplest position to hold, which makes it easy for infants to understand. Second, this position allows infants to explore all of their body parts, including their back and head, which helps them develop motor skills. Third, hands and knees provides support for babies’ heads and bodies, so they can stay in that position for a longer period.

What to Do if Baby Gave up Easily?

If your baby gives up on crawling easily, there are a few things you can do to help them regain the skill. One possibility is to try different props and locations in your home to see what helps your baby make progress.

You might also need to work with a physical therapist or pediatric occupational therapist to help improve their balance and core strength. Lastly, keep a positive attitude and be patient; crawling is a skill that takes time to learn and relearn.

If you noticed that your baby kept giving up crawling, there might be some underlying problems that need to be addressed. These problems could include difficulties with balance or coordination, as well as muscle weakness.

Additionally, baby gave up crawling easily could be indicative of a developmental disorder. It’s important to rule out any potential underlying health issues in order to determine the best course of action for your baby.


In conclusion, while crawling may not be as important as some parents believe it to be, there is no harm in skipping it and going straight to walking. As long as babies are supervised and do not injure themselves, crawling can be skipped.

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