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How to Keep Cat Out of Crib

Cats and their curious natures have always been a favorite subject of many viral videos. And if you are a cat owner who recently brought home your newborn baby, you surely saw your cat’s curiosity going into full drive.

Your cat will investigate every nook and corner of your baby’s room. However, while it may seem cute at first, this adorable curiosity also has its own risks, especially when it comes to the sleeping arrangements of your baby.

Learning how to keep cat out of crib should be one of your top priorities to prevent not just getting cat hair in the sheets and blankets of your baby, but more serious concerns.

Why Should You Keep Your Cat Out of Your Baby’s Crib?

As much as you love your cat to pieces, there are actually many good reasons why you would want to keep your cat away from your newborn. These reasons include the following:

  • Your cat might try sitting on your little one while he is sleeping in the crib which may affect your baby’s breathing.
  • Felines may carry germs and allergens that might not be dangerous for adults but might be problematic or worse, even fatal for infants.
  • Pets may lick the face of your baby and transfer germs to your little one.
  • Pets, specifically cats, can be quite unpredictable and might scratch or become violent.
  • To prevent these risks, here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your baby’s crib safe from your cat’s curiosity.

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Train Your Cat Before Your Baby’s Arrival

Set up your baby’s crib way before the arrival of the new member of your family. There is no hard and fast rule here but what is important is that doing it sooner is often better.

By doing this, you will have more time to check whether or not your cat will be interested in the crib so you can act accordingly after that.

But never make the mistake of assuming that everything is fine if your cat doesn’t take interest in the crib. Since the new sounds and the little human that will soon be in the crib are all part of the appeal of the crib to your cat, it is best to take time to teach your furry friend to keep out of the crib as early as possible.

Use a Crib Tent

Crib tents are structured fabric pieces that are meant to snugly over your baby’s crib. Using a crib tent can keep your cat out of the crib. These tents are available in various colors and have also been proven effective. You can even use the crib tent even if your baby is not inside the crib to ensure that your fur baby won’t take your baby’s place.

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Place Some Cat Furniture in Your Baby’s Room

Their curiosity plays a big role in why cats try getting inside the crib of your baby. They like to sniff or at least try to see what is inside. Cats always love climbing. Doing this will make them feel comfortable and safe and help satisfy their never-ending curiosity.

A cat bed or tree placed on the windowsill is a good idea. You can put this at a good distance away from your baby’s crib. Your feline friend can take a nap on the cat tree, satiate his curiosity about the baby in the crib, and feel relaxed at the same time.

Do the Foil Trick

Most cats are not really a fan of foil, particularly when they step on it. Foil feels funny and makes a sound. This can be a great solution you can try even before your baby arrives. The foil can be placed on the mattress to deter your cat and keep him away from the crib.

Scold Your Cat Lightly

Once you discover your cat inside your baby’s crib, take him out right away and give him a firm “no” and place the cat in the spot where it is allowed to be, such as his own bed or cat tree. You have to be consistent in taking out your cat immediately from the crib. Just remember that this period of training may take some time so once again, start early and be patient.

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Install a Screen Door

The whole experience will be less stressful for your cat if you include him in your baby’s presence. This also gives them the chance to supervise your baby from a distance.

Installing a screen door in your baby’s nursery room can give your pet a good view and a chance to smell the little human without the risk that your cat will get into your baby’s crib.

Place a Sensor in Your Baby’s Room

There are times when there might be a need for a more direct approach. This is where it can come in handy to use a sensor.

These sensors work on the element of surprise. It is recommended to use products that produce a noise association between entering the room and the sound.

The best thing about these sensors is that you will discover that it will just take several times before your fur baby finally gets and understands the message.

Shut the Door

Another simple and no-brainer solution to ensure that your cat doesn’t end up in your baby’s crib is to always close the door to the nursery or the room where the crib is.

But even if this is effective, closing the doors may only further trigger your cat’s curiosity. Aside from that, you might not really want to close the door at all times. If this is the case, it is recommended to only use it as your last resort when the above tips don’t do the trick.

With just a bit of preparation and a few tips and tricks, it might be possible to keep your cat out of the crib of your little one. This way, you, your baby, and your cat can all rest a bit easier and stay safe and happy.

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