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Signs Your Separated Husband Wants You Back

Parting ways with the person who used to be your world is one of the most painful experiences in life. For most couples, separation is just a quick time away from each other. For others, separation is permanent with no turning back.

How would you know that your partner is interested in rebuilding your relationship? Here are some of the top signs your separated husband wants you back.

He Keeps in Touch with Your Family and Friends

If your husband is intent on being separated from you for good, he will cut all ties with your loved ones reasonably and immediately.

This means that if he continues to maintain connections, interactions, and friendships with your family and friends, it is a surefire sign that he is interested in winning you back.

He does this as his way of showing you that you are still important to him. He wants to keep all the ties he has to you. He is keen to stay on the good side of the people you love and care about. He may even ask for their advice and help.

Think of it as winning the hearts of your loved ones to win your heart in the end!

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He Calls You Regularly

This one is not just the usual text message to ask about the kids and how they are doing at school. If your separated husband prefers to call you at every chance he gets, it is possible that he misses the sound of your voice and will grab every opportunity available to hear it.

He might be excited to hear your voice even when you sound curt throughout the conversation. He might be nursing a faint hope that staying in touch through voice calls can help crumble your walls and build more familiarity and rapport all over again.

To determine if this is really a sign that your separated husband wants you back, start by determining who initiates the calls in the first place. if your ex-husband is the one who initiates the calls all the time, it means that he still harbors some feelings for you. However, if you initiate the calls, the opposite is the case.

He Tries to Get to Know You All Over Again

Not all text messages from your ex-husband are a sign that he wants the two of you to be back together. Maybe it is just his simple way to say hi or check in on you as a friend. However, if he always texts you and you pick up vibes like that of being in a relationship, it might mean something more.

Watch out for high-quality communication, such as signs that he is attempting to get to know you all over again. If your ex-husband texts you at 2 in the morning and asks about you, then, it might mean that he wants to have you back.

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He Asks You for Advice

It is important for couples to seek each other’s advice and respect the other’s opinion. But now that the two of you are separated, there is a big chance that this dynamic has already fallen apart. However, if he still wants to hear your advice, this might mean something more.

If your ex-husband still asks for your advice, it shows that he continues to value your opinions a lot. He asks you because he trusts you, the kind of trust that he can never find with anyone else. He still sees you as a team and he is interested of bring the team back together.

He is Interested in Your Wellbeing

The contents of conversations you have with your ex-husband can speak so much about what he feels. Calling you means one thing but the things he says during those calls are a different story.

If the kids are his main concern and interest and not much about you, it is a clear indication that your welfare no longer interests him, and he just keeps in touch for the kids’ sake.

However, if the conversations revolve around your wellbeing and he even sounds concerned about you and how you are doing, it is one of the signs your separated husband wants you back because he still cares a lot about you.

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He Tells You How Well He is Doing

While your ex-husband might claim loud and proud how much he has changed and grown after your separation, he might also do it in a subtle way. He might drop some hints about how well he is doing.

It might be an indication of his desire to inform you of their growth. It may also insinuate that he is at the point of his life when he can already be a healthier and better partner if ever the relationship is rekindled.

He is Curious About Your Love Life

Does your separated husband constantly ask about your love life? Then, it might be his way of making sure that you are still single and available.

Maybe he still needs some time to sort himself out before he attempts a reconciliation with you. However, he also wants to ensure that he still has room in your heart.

An even more telltale sign is when he gets jealous every time you talk about your romantic interests.

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He Recalls Happy Memories During Your Conversations

When he makes some fleeting references to your shared happy memories during your conversations, or he tells you how something reminded him of good memories the two of you had in the past, it only indicates that he misses those good times between you both.

He mentions them to remind you that things used to be good between you two, hoping that you will also recall them and miss them in the same way he does.

The Bottom Line

Couples part ways for many reasons and some of these separations are not meant to be permanent. There are times when these breaks are necessary for two people to learn, reflect, and grow.

If this is the case, watch out for the above signs your separated husband wants you back and fix things that can still be fixed.

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