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When Should Babies Stop Wearing Mittens?

Babies often wear mittens or gloves not only to stay warm but also to prevent painful scratches on their adorable faces. But have you ever wondered when should babies stop wearing mittens?

Babies need to wear mittens for the first several weeks or months to stay safe. It is not recommended for parents to cut the nails of their baby during the first few days after birth since these are still sensitive and soft.

But your baby can stop wearing mittens once you are fully confident that you can begin cutting those nails. There are also parents who might decide to take off their baby’s mittens before they reach the age of 6 months. The moment babies get to this stage, they might become more sensitive when it comes to using their hands.

Read on below to know more about using mittens and when to make your baby stop wearing them.

How Long Should Babies Wear Mittens?

There is no hard and fast rule anywhere that explains how long your baby should wear mittens. You can find some parents who just choose by themselves the specific time that they stop their little one from wearing mittens.

Meanwhile, some parents simply decide based on the guides they read online. There are also parents who wait until their baby finds it uncomfortable to wear mittens.

According to childcare experts, the best time for infants to stop wearing mittens is the moment they are one month old or sometimes, even less.

Now, you might be wondering if it is not too early. Well, no, it is not. It is necessary for babies to develop their motor skills and be familiar and well-acquainted with the world around them. The best way to do it is to let them explore and try things using their cute little hands.

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While mittens may sound and look simple, these can actually hinder your baby’s proper development if you let him wear them for a long time.

After all, your baby’s proper development should always come first more than anything else. If ever you feel that one month is still too early for your little one to stop wearing mittens, it might be best to consult with your baby’s doctor or other childcare experts.

Your pediatrician is the best person who can educate you about everything you need to know. They can also help you make the right decisions when it comes to your baby.

Why Should You Stop Making Your Baby Wear Mittens?

Although mittens can help keep your baby safe, most experts don’t suggest wearing them for a long time. Due to your baby’s lack of need to touch, this can impede the development of his sense.

The development or lack of development of the sensory functions will also have a significant effect on the ability of your child to hone and develop his brain connections.

On the other hand, if there is no need for your baby to wear his mittens, you can allow him to explore things by himself.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that your baby stays safe from his nails:

It is always a good and wise idea to use a nail cutter. Even if this method might be the hardest to use, this is still quite effective.

File your baby’s nails. Filing their nails is safer compared to using a nail cutter. While this might take a bit longer, this is actually much safer.

Seek assistance from someone else. It would be better to ask for help from someone with the first two procedures above. Letting two pairs of hands do the job will better ensure your baby’s safety.

Why Do Babies Need to Wear Mittens?

The moment a baby is born, most parents notice that the hands of their baby feel cold to the touch or are bluish in color. Aside from this, there are also babies who have naturally sharp and long fingernails that may scrape or scratch the skin.

Letting babies wear mittens might seem like the best answer for these two problems. Whether your baby is asleep or awake, mittens can help your baby stay protected from abrasions and scratches.

In addition to these, there are many other compelling reasons why babies should wear mittens. Experts claim that these can serve as effective tools to prevent accidental newborn scratching when sleeping.

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Why Don’t Babies Need to Wear Mittens?

While it is obvious why babies need to wear mittens, there might still be a few cases when it is best not to use them. For instance, mittens might not be necessary if your baby is wrapped in a swaddle. Also, if you are worried that your baby will scratch his skin by accident, it will be fine as long as you trim the nails of your little one regularly.

More importantly, infants lose lots of heat from their hands, feet, and heads. Babies are also prone to heat. This is why babies feeling too hot may pose more danger compared to being too cold. Thus, most people claim that mittens and socks are more dangerous for babies.

How to Choose the Right Mittens for Your Baby

Choosing the best mittens for your baby is almost similar to choosing his clothes. If you want matching outfits, you can choose from various colors and designs. it is also important to pick the right fabric. Your safest option is to buy mittens made from hypoallergenic materials.

The Bottom Line

Trying to figure out when should babies stop wearing mittens will depend on how your baby responds to his surrounding environment.

Make sure you watch out for some signs that imply that they are more than ready to say goodbye to their mittens, such as when their reflex is already manageable and when you can already start cutting his fingernails. As long as your baby is comfortable enough with wearing mittens, you can let him continue using them. But if not, and cutting the nails is already possible, go ahead and let your baby use his hands to explore the world freely.

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