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Do Babies Have Eyebrows?

Some babies are born with gorgeous eyebrows while some start growing them weeks or even months later. The presence of eyebrows depends on when the baby is born and many other factors. This article delves into eyebrow growth in babies.

Do Babies Already Have Eyebrows During Birth?

Various factors affect the answer to this particular question. There are many instances when babies already have eyebrows right during the time of their birth. Their eyebrows are often good enough to be noticed and seen easily. Such babies start growing their eyebrows even while they are still inside their mother’s womb.

Throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, a healthy baby grows, and the different parts of the body also start to grow eventually. Hair follicles, in particular, start growing at around the 20th week of pregnancy. During the growth of other hair follicles, the baby’s eyebrows will also begin to develop. All hair follicles grow while the baby is still in the womb and never after birth.

All babies can be born with dark, distinct, light, or no eyebrows at all. These types of eyebrows are all considered healthy and natural. A baby’s health is not in any way connected with the eyebrows. However, the development of the eyebrows of the baby completely depends on genetics.

Genetics and Eyebrow Development in Babies

The development of the eyebrows of a baby is dependent on genetics. Genetics plays a vital role in eyebrow growth. The eyebrows of newborns are often very light, or these just begin like peach fuzz.

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Another way to get some idea about genetics is to look at the parents. If mom or dad has light eyebrows, it may explain why the newborn baby has sparse eyebrows. Taking it into consideration, these babies have suppressed genes expressing the eyebrows’ phenotypic character. This means that the genotypes for the babies’ eyebrows are not that strong.

Some babies, on the other hand, have very prominent and dark eyebrows right at birth. The codes of these babies have a different arrangement with dominant genes for eyebrows and hair growth. During the delivery time, the eyebrows of these babies are slightly dark which makes them more beautiful. These babies already have hair on their heads that is all thanks to genetics.

Is There Something Wrong If Your Newborn Doesn’t Have Eyebrows?

Every baby is born with eyebrows. But some babies have a small definition of the location of the eyebrows. There are also others with some peach fuzz on where the eyebrow line will be.

Some babies are born with darker eyebrows. No matter what the case may be for your little one, he or she will have eyebrows.

When you notice that your baby doesn’t have defined eyebrows, make sure you take some time to look closely at your baby. You will surely notice the defined line of where the brows are going to become more prominent later on.

In the case of premature babies, there are times when their eyebrows are not yet as defined as those of full-term babies. But once again, don’t worry because all babies will soon have prominent eyebrows.

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The DNA of your baby will also determine how dark the eyebrow hair will be, how defined their brows will become, and more. However, it will take time for this to come through. The face of your baby will grow and change little by little and this also includes the eyebrows.

The hair follicles might originally begin as a very light blonde in color and become dark over time. Everything depends on genetics as this will affect how dark or light your baby’s brows will be. The hair of your baby will also thicken in time and the eyebrows will also become more noticeably defined.

Having said all of these, there is no need for you to worry if your baby doesn’t have defined eyebrows yet.

Tips to Make Your Baby’s Eyebrows Grow Faster

If the eyebrows of your baby are a bit sparse and you want them to grow faster, here are some safe methods that you can try.

Nutritious and Healthy Food

Nutritious and healthy food contributes to your baby’s hair development and growth. If you are breastfeeding your baby, make sure that you eat highly nutritious and healthy to ensure that your milk will also be filled with all the essential nutrients.

See to it that you eat foods rich in vitamins C and E and iron. Some of the foods you can add to your diet include legumes, eggs, fish, chicken, almonds, carrot juice, sprouts, kiwi fruit, oranges, peaches, and more. All of these can make your breastmilk heathier to speed up the growth of your baby’s eyebrows.

Oil Massage

Another proven and tested way to boost eyebrow growth in babies is through oil massage. Aside from speeding up the growth of eyebrows, oil massage offers other benefits. For instance, it can improve the body’s blood circulation that can further stimulate hair growth. Some oils you can use include castor oil, olive oil, and baby oils labeled for massaging.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another natural product that can effectively boost hair growth. This is an excellent stimulant that can darken and thicken the eyebrows of your baby. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel on your baby’s brows and remove it after 2 to 3 minutes.

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This will also moisturize the skin of your baby that you will no longer need other products afterward. It also eliminates the need to use products laden with chemicals on the sensitive skin of your baby.

Just remember that the results won’t be instant. You also have to make sure that the gel doesn’t make your baby itchy. Take note that babies have delicate skin, and they can be allergic to anything. If you notice any rash or redness on your little one’s skin, stop using aloe vera right away.

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