The Party Hop | Season to Sparkle | Day 5

Friday, November 14, 2014

Well... it was fun while it lasted and I hope I can be part of another Party Hop. Thankfully we are left with LOTS and LOTS of gold glitter and sequins on the last day of the Season to Sparkle Party Hop hosted by Sara of Confetti Sunshine. I'm SMITTEN with the Glitter Party Glasses by Dianna of Whatever Dee Wants, sequined Holiday Napkins by Tan of Squirrelly Minds and Scatter Sparkle Party Favors by Kristin of Kojo Designs. Its been a GREAT week and I can't wait to use all of these crafty DIY ideas for the holiday season.

Check out all the details from these Glittery Party Glasses by Dianna of Whatever Dee Wants.

Check out all the details from these DIY Holiday Napkins by Tan of Squirrelly Minds.

Check out all the details from these Scatter Sparkle Party Favors by Kristin of Kojo Designs.

Party hosted by Sara of Confetti Sunshine


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