The Party Hop | Season to Sparkle | Day 4

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Its Day 4 and we are still going strong on The Season to Sparkle Party Hop!! Today is special day since I am sharing my step-by-step tutorial for making Balloon Fringe Tails. I used white and gold shimmer tissue paper and lots of ribbon to coordinate with the party color palette. We are also featuring the Holiday Garland by Amy of Modge Podge Rocks and Glitter Bow Cupcake Toppers by Holly of Paisley Petal Events. See you back here tomorrow for the last day of the Party Hop. So sad...

Check out all the details from this DIY Balloon Fringe Tail by Bump Smitten (or simply scroll down a bit).

Check out all the details from these Glitter Bow Cupcake Toppers by Holly of Paisley Petal Events.

Check out all the details from this DIY Holiday Garland by Amy of Modge Podge Rocks.

Party hosted by Sara of Confetti Sunshine


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