DIY Tutorial: Blooms By The Box Flower Packs

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Have you ever heard of Blooms By The Box?? They provide wholesale flowers and floral supplies for your next big event, such as a wedding, bridal shower or baby shower. I was lucky enough to receive one of their newest packages, the It's a Surprise! Baby Shower DIY Flower Pack. My jaw dropped when I received such a HUGE box from FedEx. There were bundles and bundles of yummy smelling roses, baby's breath, hydrangea and Goldenrods. I had fun putting together different arrangements using mason jars and porcelain owls I found at Michaels. A must have for your next baby shower (the packages also come in pink and blue)!

From Blooms By The Box.. Blooms By the Box Surprise Baby Shower Flower Pack is an essential to ordering wholesale flowers for a baby shower! All the guess work is taken out of buying flowers because all the quantities are picked for you! Each pack was created with texture in mind! Get the professional look without the professional experience! With a yellow-themed event, colors have been chosen to give a well rounded and balanced overall appearance for your DIY arrangements. This pack is an inexpensive way to decorate beautifully for your sepcial event!

Flowers Included:
4 bunches Solidago
20 stems Large Hydrangea White
50 stems Rose 40 cm.
3 bunches Gypsophilia

Each pack will make 8-10 small-medium arrangements, or 5-6 large arrangements

All year

Use mason jars, bud vases, or whatever vases you can find to decorate your house, yard, or venue for your baby shower! Play a game where the winners get to take home one of the arrangments! This pack is perfect is you are going for the trendy yellow and gray theme!

Feel free to add other flowers you like to your order and please keep in mind colors may vary on computer screens. All packs are subject to substitutions. 



Unknown said...

Oh, I love to see flowers at baby showers because they make everything look gorgeous and adorable. They are really lovely and so perfect for big events. Flowers are one of our joy (as a woman) and for me, there would be nothing more special than that.

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I love the owl vase. It's so small and and pretty.
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Those flowers are so damn beautiful.
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