DIY Tutorial: "Ready to Pop" Popcorn Favor

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On to the next DIY project from Jen of Scissors & Spatulas! She came up with this yummy treat for her "Ready to Pop" baby shower. This would also be a great idea for any party -- simply change the container and colored M&M's. So easy!

From Jen... While I was away at Creative Estates, my friends and I {even though I wasn't actually present} hosted a baby shower for my dear friend, Cindi. Since I was going to be gone, I was in charge of items that could be bought and prepared ahead of time. One of my duties: the party favors.

Now, I am a creative person. But favors can be hard! I didn't want to do the same old same old. So I had no idea what I was going to do, until one day I went to Hobby Lobby {What? Me? At HL, you say? I know, crazy!}. So anyway, I was at HL and saw these little favor boxes.

So cute! And they are shaped like movie popcorn boxes! But of course I wasn't going to fill them with regular old buttered popcorn. . .

Materials Needed:

3 bags microwave popcorn, popped
2 - 12 oz. packages premier white chocolate morsels
2 - 12.6 oz. bags chocolate coated candies (such as M&Ms) 

Step-by-Step Instructions:
1. Mix half of popcorn {1- 1/2 bags} and 1 bag of candy in a large bowl. Melt 1 bag white chocolate morsels in microwave at 75% power for 3 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until melted. CAREFUL NOT TO BURN!!! Pour a small amount of chocolate over popcorn and stir to coat. Continue adding chocolate, a little at a time, until popcorn mix is fully coated. You will use about 2/3 of the white chocolate.

2. Spread popcorn mixture on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Using a spoon, drizzle remaining white chocolate over popcorn. Allow to cool for 1 hour before breaking popcorn mix into large chunks.

3. Repeat with remaining popcorn, candy and white chocolate. 

Tutorial & Photography: Jen of Scissors & Spatulas


Unknown said...

Absolutely love the idea - looks delicuous :)

nicnacnoo said...

Delightful! Will save this idea for when my friend is due! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

This is so cute! How many boxes did you make with the recipe used?

Unknown said...

Where did you find the boxes!? :)

Real Mommypreneur said...

Where can I get free printable popcorn labels?....I am hosting a shower on May 19th.

Unknown said...

Hello how far in advance can you make this? How long will it stay fresh for?