Real Baby Shower: Pat the Bunny

Monday, January 31, 2011

Another super creative baby shower by Whitney from Whitney Smith Photography. She was the master-mind behind the Back to School shower, and she definitely did lose her steam when tasked to come up with another one. "Pat the Bunny" aka "Megan the Mommy" is such a clever way to bring a childhood classic to life. And this color palette... GORGEOUS. I love the different shades of pink in the pom poms, flowers and water bottle covers placed on the table. And take special note of the different callouts from the book -- for example, the shaving kit for the hubby's scratching face and donuts as rings.

From Whitney... Yesterday i had the pleasure of throwing my adorable friend, megan, a baby shower. 
I got the idea for a pat the bunny theme shower and was really excited about all the little details. 
Then Craig informed me that no one would know what pat the bunny was (its a CLASSIC childrens book, duh!) but it was too late, i was too excited and there was no turning back. Turns out, most everyone (including Megan, who was the one that really mattered) knew and loved pat the bunny book. So there, Craig. And Jocelyn.

I was also super excited about doing a PINK shower. pink, pink, and more pink. Each page of the touch-and-feel book was incorporated into the shower. So naturally, I had to get a life size picture of Alex (the daddy-to-be) and give him a sand paper beard. The beard was cut into a puzzle with different questions on the back. I had asked Alex a few questions in advance and everyone had a riot listening to his responses. Lets just say one of the questions was "do you remember the nite of conception?" Yup. 

I went there. And Yup. He did. 

After the daddy game, lunch was served. Marcia, Megan's mother-in-law, prepared the fantastic spread. After lunch, we played a game. Ok, i am not a game person but peek-a-boo had to come in somewhere. So we played the adult version of peek-a-boo. Which, actually is a very fun game: the sheet game. Two groups stand on either side of a sheet being held up. Each team sends one person to stand right behind the sheet. At the count of three the sheet is dropped and whoever calls out the other person's name first wins. Then the losing person is sent to the winning team's side. A lot like red-rover. But without the broken arms.

Craig's mom let me borrow some of her vintage children's books. Craig thumbed thru the books and remembered when cheri read them to him. Very sweet. The mirror corner with baby pictures of 

Megan and Alex.

Then it was time for presents. Megan opened tons of gorgeous things. Her little girl is one lucky lady. After presents it was DESSERT time. Everyone gathered around for.... "mommy's rings" also known as MY mommy's famous donuts. These babies usually only make an appearance at the halloween donut party but i twisted my mom's arm to get up at 6am that morning to start the process of making a batch. My Aunt Megan made her delicious sugar cookies too. Some serisouly good treats.

Each lady took home a petite vase with a crepe paper flower (spritzed with perfume, of course). Emily and I stayed up late one nite making these little numbers. Fun, but our fingers were raw afterwards. I could not have done the shower without Emily's help. She was such a good little worker elf. My mom warned me not to over do it with decorating the disposable water bottles. Does she not know me? I am gaudy by nature. but honestly, I had a blast planning every second of this shower and watching 

Megan have a great time.

Photography & Design: Whitney Smith / Favors: Vase with a crepe paper flower

Real Baby Shower: Two Peas in a Pod

Friday, January 28, 2011

Such a cute theme for twins! I absolutely adore the two little baby faces in the pea pod on the cake. FABULOUS! And the cupcakes... amazing. And the ladybug apples... amazing. The complete food spread from Melissa Flint is completely drool worthy. I think we are all dying to know... How did you make those mints?? Tutorial?? Melissa, thank you so much for sharing!

From Melissa Flint... The shower was yesterday...and I think all the hard work was worth it! Sarah and everyone else seemed to love the shower and had a great time. I spent the 3 days prior to the shower baking cakes, cupcakes, cookies and making treats with the help of my good friend, Lindsay. Not sure if I could have completed it without her! 

We held the shower in the beautiful home of Katie Holland. Her house was perfect for the shower location! Lady Bug Apples...after I was finished making them, I decided next time I would add chocolate swirl stick for antennas. The mints were a special request from Sarah. She said this is the only thing she wanted... They take two days to harden...

Photography: Melissa Ellen Studios / Cooking & Decor: Melissa Flint (soon to be partnering with 2 other creative women to form Turn Key Occasions, an event planning business)

DIY Tutorial: Dessert Plate Stand

Thursday, January 27, 2011

After making the perfect cupcakes, you'll need something to display them on. How about an individual cupcake stand?!  After contacting Jennie from A Well Crafted Party for permission to use her dessert stand tutorial made exclusively for Eat Drink Pretty, I was so excited to hear that she created a small cupcake stand for Bump Smitten. So lucky! These homemade dessert stands are simple and affordable. Plus... they can be done in an assortment of colors and sizes. Thanks Jennie for the exclusive
DIY tutorial!

From Jennie... Warning—after learning how to make a cake stand you might not be able to stop. You may end up with a very large collection of DIY cake stands in many shapes, colors and sizes. And, you may find many new uses for your fun new hobby. 

Using a very simple technique I created several 10-inch cake stands for my sister’s wedding and painted them in the wedding colors. They were a fabulous focal point for the dessert table. Check out the full-sized cake stand tutorial created for Eat Drink Pretty

But, after creating several full-sized cake stands I decided to create a small set of mini-sized stands that will be just perfect for cupcakes or other mini-sized goodies. I also decided to try making the stands with plates with pretty patterns to really make them stand out as unique stands.


1 plate— 4-inch plates make great cupcake stands
1 candle stick, goblet or sundae glass
1 heavy book
1 can of spray paint (I really like the way gloss looks for this project)
1 can of acrylic sealant
a sheet or paper to protect surfaces while painting

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Start of with a plate—any plate will work but I recommend using one that has the color or image you would like at the top of the stand as this will not be painted to keep the cake stand food friendly. Affix the plate to a candle stick, goblet or sundae cup using a glue made for ceramics and glass. I have used both candlesticks and goblets in the past, but used sundae cups for this project.
2. Place a heavy book on top of the stand and let the epoxy set according to directions. After the epoxy has set you should be able to pick up the stand with no movement from the candlestick or plate.
3. Make sure the plate is set firmly on a protected surface so that you can spray paint the outside of the cake stand. If there are edges of the paint off of the paper I would suggest covering the top of the plate with paper or painters tape. Keeping paint from the surface of this stand keeps the cake stand food-friendly.
4. Spray the entire outer surface according to the directions on the spray paint can. Take your time on this step and stand back far enough to avoid drips. Also, this step make take a couple of layers of paint so plan to make the stands at least a day in advance of your party. After the stand has dried spray with a sealant.
5. Before use, wash the top of the plate with dish soap and water. The stand is not dishwasher safe but is food-friendly as long as food is not touching the painted surfaces.

Enjoy these cake stand examples below, provided by Jennie:
Photography: A Well Crafted Party / Real Party Photos above are from Cheery Summer Wedding (Photographer: West Impressions / Cakes: The Cake Diva) and a Vegas Themed Wedding Shower.

Baby Shower Idea: Fondant Cupcake/Cookie Toppers

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Since I've seen these cupcake toppers all over the blogging world, I just had to post about them.
They are absolutely gorgeous! Almost too beautiful to eat... but... I'm sure delightful to eat. You may
also remember seeing Two Sugar Babies' cookies toppers in our featured Vintage Surf Baby Shower. They matched the theme perfectly. I've chosen just a few that I thought would be perfect for my smitten readers, but be sure to check out Two Sugar Babies' online shop for other samples. They even do custom orders...

Don't settle for cookie cutter toppers, when you can get detailed, hand cut and drawn fondant toppers to make your party the talk of the town! 

Choose cupcake/cookie topper designs from Two Sugar Babies' online shop or create a custom design that is perfect for your next baby shower!

Real Baby Shower: Outer Space

Monday, January 24, 2011

Who doesn't want to visit Mars for their baby shower?? Or explore outer space?? This baby shower from Emily of Paper Tiger Press is out of this world. (I know... but I just had to say it...) I mega heart all the handmade crafts -- including all of the twinkling golden stars as well as the bright red rocket ship.
I think I might have to replicate this theme for my son's birthday party, which is coming up soon.
Emily -- thanks for sharing this cute, original party!

From Emily... Remember the Crazy Crafting Frenzy of 2010 as mentioned in my last post? Well here are the real photos of what my partner-in-crime Grace and I were up to: prepping for the mother of all baby showers.

The star-studded (literally!) outer space-themed baby shower featured a Stitch-topped diaper cake, pastry table, waffle bar and copious amounts of banners and balloons, most of which were in blue. No cigars for guessing why!

All the decorations were lovingly handmade, which I think added a really nice personal touch. My freehand rocket ship turned out pretty good, if I don’t say so myself.

We filled acrylic trays and stands with enough sweets to take care of any craving: macarons, cookies and cupcakes with – what else? – blue icing.

I’m happy to report that Geri, our guest of honor, loved it – especially the cake topper. Apparently, because of her appetite lately, her husband’s pregnancy nickname for her is Stitch! What a funny coincidence!

Congratulations Geri! We can’t wait to meet baby Jake…and start planning his first birthday party!

Photography & Design: Paper Tiger Press