DIY Tutorial: Cupcakes in a Jar

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Here's a fun tutorial from the adorable Rubyellen of Cakies! {Side Note: Just have to mention how much I LOVE her family photos shown on the ABOUT ME page on her blog. Gorgeous!} Alrighty... its probably no big secret that I'm a sucker for anything in a mason jar. Who isn't??? And this one is filled with a cupcake... Even better! Check out Rubyellen's blog for her step-by-step instructions. What a great dessert or baby shower favor!

From Rubyellen... Going to the other side of the spectrum, from a vegetable garden to loaded with all things bad for you, but tastes so good cupcakes. You won't think I am such a genius anymore once I tell you how these are done. It really is easy and makes for such a visually appealing way to dress up cupcakes, not that cupcakes need to be dressed up as the name itself is cute and enticing!

I pretty much use Paula Deen's recipe, but with a few of my own tiny tweeks to the ingredients and then I pretty much follow the directions in Paula Deen's recipe to make the batter and frosting, though I change it up a bit (time in the oven) when it comes to baking it.

Materials Needed: 

All-purpose flour
Baking soda
Cocoa powder
Canola oil
Buttermilk, room temperature
Eggs, room temperature
Red food coloring
White distilled vinegar
Vanilla extract

For the cream cheese frosting: 

Cream cheese
Vanilla extract
Powdered sugar

For the step-by-step instructions PLUS photos, be sure to check out Cakies. Warning: Get ready to be lost in Rubyellen's photography of her sweet family and crafts. I sure did!

Tutorial & Photography: Rubyellen from Cakies


Life as Linds said...

I just wanted to say that I have been stalking this blog for a long time now. I have been married for almost 7 years now and have been dreaming of a baby for about a solid 5. I cannot wait until I will finally be blessed to have a child of my own. This blog has been a constant joy to me. I hope that I can someday use it for fun ideas for my own. Thank you for the inspiration.

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