Baby Shower Gift: Handcrafted Growth Chart

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Growth charts are always a good gift! Better than destroying one of your doors (like I've done...). For this afternoon, I thought I'd show you a couple ideas. This first one is a heirloom growth chart from Miss Natalie that can also be folded up in this great box for a keepsake later in life. What a wonderful idea!!!

From Miss Natalie... An inventive Heirloom Growth Chart by Miss Natalie! Mark your child's growth with a keepsake that can travel with you, from nursery to bedroom, or from house to house. Packaged in an heirloom wooden box, Miss Natalie's Growth Chart contains a 4' long jute cloth, mounted on wooden dowels and hung with a satin red ribbon.

With one simple nail, you can hang your chart 1' (or more) above the floor to start your measurements. Twenty tags are included (ten in red, ten in cream) with space to mark your child's name, age, and date of measurement.

Also included are twenty large safety pins in a muslin bag to secure your child's tag on the jute cloth. A dollop of glue at the pinhead ensures a steadfast bond. When your child is grown, fold the chart into the wooden box for safekeeping.

Wooden box measures 7.25” x 7” x 2.75”.
Tags measure 2.75” x 1.375”.
Jute cloth measure 3.5” x 48”.

4' long jute cloth
Mounted on wooden dowels
Hung with a satin red ribbon. 

Photography: Miss Natalie / Available on Miss Natalie's Etsy shop for $56.

{Miss Natalie is the studio of Natalie Davis, a designer that enjoys brewing tea and trouble in the morning. Based in Oakland, CA, she crafts handmade objects that combine old world charm with a modern sensibility. Miss Natalie strives to add delight to the everyday.}


Unknown said...

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Lawler said...

This is so adorable and I'm totally making it this weekend for my nephew's baptism present!! Love it!

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