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DIY Tutorial: Fabric Garland

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thanks... yet again... to Twig & Thistle for providing this wonderful tutorial! These fabric garlands are seen throughout Bump Smitten's many featured baby showers -- either in one or a mix-match of colors and patterns. Such an easy way to decorate! So, pull out your sewing machine and head over to your closest fabric store to make your one-of--kind garland today. For more tutorials and party inspiration, be sure to head over to Kathleen's Twig & Thistle.

From Kathleen... My niece’s first birthday is quickly approaching and I’ve decided to try out a few projects for her upcoming party. First up is a fabric garland to decorate the walls and ceiling. I couldn’t wait to share this latest project because it turned out to be so easy and super fun to do! I wish I had a birthday party to celebrate every month just so I’d have an excuse to make these.

Click here for list of materials and step-by-step instructions. 

Tutorial & Photography: Twig & Thistle


JenniB said...

Love it! I've been seeing fabric garlands everywhere lately... including as decoration in the nursery!