Real Baby Shower: Family Celebration

Friday, April 29, 2011

Okay, I do love over-the-top, insanely designed baby showers but I also have a special place in my heart for those showers devoted to being together as a family to celebrate an upcoming birth. This special day was captured by the talented Amanda from Orchard Cove Photography and I'm sure you'll have the same reaction as I did when looking through these lovely photos.

From Heidi... It was wonderful to have so many women, from various chapters of my life, come together to celebrate the pending arrival of our first baby (a little girl named, Fia). I seem to be blessed with many thoughtful, and incredibly creative, friends and family who added so many special touches to the shower. My cousin Amanda, with Orchard Cove Photography, was there capturing the event and gave us several hand-knit (adorable) new born hats, my cousin Jenny arrived with a platter of handmade chocolates from her chocolate shop and a beautiful hand knit sweater (91), my step-mom and her friends picked wildflowers for the tables (22), my cousin Lila arrived with a handmade blanket, bib, and clothing from her company (65), Ruby-Lu...and the list goes on and on! My mom stood to say a few words and asked that when this group of women greet this baby they say to her, "thank you for coming, we love you."

Photography (Baby Shower & Maternity): Orchard Cove Photography

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