Real Baby Shower: Pacific Palisades

Friday, March 4, 2011

After seeing these photos from Amelia Johnson Photography, who wouldn't be ready for Spring! The elegance, placement of color, and feminine sophistication seen in these baby shower photos capture the delicate balance between mother nature and baby anticipation, don't you think?! I adore the many details, including the bursts of color throughout and the hanging lanterns and pom poms placed both inside and out. Enjoy!

From Amelia Johnson... The shower was planned by mother-to-be Kirsten's sister-in-law, Beverly. Beverly wanted to throw an absolutely fantastic party to celebrate Kirsten and her future little one's femininity. Beverly has a party-throwing philosophy that good food brings people together and enhances any event. She also keeps her parties simple, elegant and impeccable. As guests entered Beverly's home, they were welcomed by gorgeous pink tissue pom-poms strung generously above the dining room table (which were a DIY project) and an elegant lunch. The large pink pom-pom motif was repeated in the front yard, in the form of round paper lanterns. 

Guests dined under palm trees (natural party decor thanks to LA) and pink lanterns in the front yard, feasting upon egg sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches (with hand-dipped sesame-encrusted sides), pink frosted melt-away cookies topped with round edible pearls, fruit salad, orzo, virgin mojitos, and mint-frosted decadent chocolate cupcakes. Charming pink and sage green labels were made for the entrees. Arrangements of local fresh flowers and small ceramic bowls of pink m&ms graced the center of each outdoor table. The outdoor seating felt open and relaxed with several round rented tables with chairs. The dining room table presentation was splendid with tissue poofs dangling over vintage tiered cake plates, cream-colored serving platters and heirloom serving pieces. The guests, over half of which were at least five months pregnant, were delighted by the food and carefully perused the buffet as if to say, "I know I shouldn't, but..."

Hostess Beverly, who was pregnant herself, did not want to be overwhelmed by party preparation so she started well in advance. She baked and froze the chocolate cupcakes a week before the party and frosted them immediately before guests arrived. She also made the tissue pom-poms herself, layering tissue and sewing the pieces together in the center. Beverly wanted to be able to enjoy the party too, so she did as much as possible prior to the shower.

After some very happy guests dined and mingled, presents were gathered and the gift-opening began. Although Kirsten had registered for gifts, she was surprised by some off-the-registry stunning homemade quilts, burp cloths and luxurious deep conditioner. Gift-opening segued beautifully into lounging in the yard and conversation. The party had the most marvelous flow to it. Thanks to comfortable seating arrangements, delicious food and a gracious atmosphere, guests lingered hours after the party, swapping sweet stories about motherhood and enjoying the celebration of a new life.

Photographer: Amelia Johnson Photography


Amelia Johnson said...

I love the feminine, airy details...and the unsuspecting mailman.

bump smitten said...

The mailman photo is one of my favorites. :)