DIY Shower: YUM display

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another wonderful treat from Jennifer, a.k.a. Hostess with the Mostess -- step-by-step instructions for her "Berry Sweet" candy displays. YUM YUM. Easy to follow and an adorable end result. Perfect for your next baby shower! Get your craft on. :)

rectangular planter/vase (such as this one)
craft styrofoam
Pinwheel Lollipops
YUM Tags
2.5″ Circle Craft Punch or other circle cutter
red m&ms (available at Michaels or online) – or a similar candy
hot glue gun

Optional Vase Embellishments (as pictured here):

Rectangle Mod PVC Curtain (8 rectangles from one strand)
craft rhinestones

Step-by-Step Instructions:
1. Embellish vase as desired. For this party, I was already using individual strands of a Rectangle Mod PVC curtain ($18.99 at shopwildthings) as decor in various other areas of the party, so I removed a few of the rectangles from a leftover strand and hot-glued them on top of the ribbon.
{Inexpensive craft rhinestones added some sparkle to the pvc rectangles and also covered up the tiny holes on each side of them (where the jump rings used to be). The rhinestones ALSO covered up the evidence of the hot glue that adhered the rectangles to the ribbon, which was great since they’re translucent.}
2. Cut craft styrofoam to fit securly within the vase, making sure it’s at least 3″ high so that it provides a sturdy foundation for the large lollipops. Don’t go all the way to the rim of the vase though – you’ll need some room for the “filler candy”.
3. Pour red m&ms (or similar candy) over the styrofoam, covering it completely.
4. Add the YUM tags to the lollipops. Download them right here: in PDF or JPEG format, then cut them out using a 2.5″ craft punch, a circle cutter, or scissors and a sturdy hand. =) Use doublestick tape or glue to attach them to the lollipops (which come cellophane-sealed).
5. Insert the lollipops into the styrofoam as desired. (I used 3 rows here.)
6. Done! Place on candy/dessert buffet, or use as a table centerpiece.

To view the complete tutorial and other craft ideas, please visit Hostess with the Mostess / Photography: Jillian Bisinger

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