DIY Shower: Yellow & Gray Elephants Printables

Thursday, March 31, 2011

For the final day of the Yellow & Gray Elephants Baby Shower -- please enjoy the full printable collection (If missed, take a look now at Part 1Part 2, and the Free Invitation Download). This is everything I created to make this shower complete. The only item added, which did not make it into the shower, was the waterbottle labels. For some reason I forgot about these and had to improvise with streamers and ribbon. :)

Yellow & Gray Elephants Printables (Download Now)
Includes all of the following:
1. Welcome to the Wishing Tree Sign {5" x 7" / Print on Cardstock / Insert in Frame}
2. Notecards for Wishing Tree {4" x 5" Cards - 4 on a sheet of paper / Print on Cardstock}
3. Welcome to the Candy Station Sign {5" x 7" / Print on Cardstock / Insert in Frame}
4. Animal Game Sign {5" x 7" / Print on Cardstock / Insert in Frame}
5. Animal Game {4" x 10" - 2 on a sheet of paper / Print on Cardstock}
6. Photobooth Props {Elephants / Hearts - Print on Cardstock}
7. Food Labels 
{8 on a sheet of paper / Print on Cardstock}
8. Waterbottle Labels {5 on a sheet of paper / Print on Paper}


Jen Longaway said...

what a great download! thanks!

Unknown said...

we are in love with your downloads-do you have the party circles too?

bump smitten said...

The cupcake toppers? If so, I just printed the envelope liner on card stock and cute out the circles with a circles punch from Michaels. Martha Stewart makes the elephant punches - also found at Michaels. Hope this helps!

Bonnetts in Boston said...

I don't see the answers to the animal quiz anywhere.... could you please point me in the right direction?


bump smitten said...

Uploaded the wrong game! Oops! Please download again - I updated it with the correct pdf.

Here are the answers for the Animal Game:

Match the Animal with their Baby’s Name
Elephant - Calf
Rabbit - Kitten
Fox - Cub
Deer - Fawn
Goat - Kid
Goose - Gosling
Kangaroo - Joey
Ostrich - Chick
Swan - Cygnet
Zebra - Foal

Match the Animal with their Gestation Period
Elephant - 22 months
Giraffe - 14-15 months
Dog - 9 weeks
Moose - 240 days
Swan - 35 days
Horse - 340 days
Whale - 490 days
Zebra - 1 year
Beaver - 122 days
Mouse - 19 days

Which Animal has the same Gestational Period as a Human (9 months)
Cow Yes
Horse No
Chimpanzee No
Sea Lion No
Tiger No
Dolphin No

Match the Celebrity with their unusual pet
Courtney Love - Turtle
George Clooney - Pig
Elvis - Kangaroo
Paris Hilton - Tiger
Hugh Hefner - Spider Monkey
Dominic Monaghan - Hand Mantis

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! i just came across this today. is this available for customization/purchase anywhere?

bump smitten said...

I will have an online store someday soon where other colors will be available. :)

southern-newlywed said...

This set is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

jill said...


Vicki Johnson said...

so sweet i love this. xoxo

Lauren said...

Thanks so much!! These are fantastic!I may even ask my friend to use them for MY baby shower! :)

Quinn @ Kimchi and Sweet Tea said...

What fonts did you use for the printables?

~Craftiee Couple~ said...

Wow, thank you so very much for sharing!!! Everything is SOOOOO DARLING!!!!! Thanks again!!!!

jbell70 said...

What did you use for the wishing tree?

bump smitten said...

You can grab some branches from outside and put them in a vase. If you want, you can also spray paint them white. Buy some cheap wooden clothes pins to attach them to the tree.

B&K said...

Thanks for the amazing download!!!

verabear said...

the elephant looks cute! Thanks for the awesome download :)

Frances Vineyard said...

The download link is not working for me?? Is there a new link! We are having a shower Sunday. :)

Stacie said...

How did you add the text to the food labels?

hopeful23 said...

What are the cupcake toppers made of?

Lindsey said...

so cute! thanks for sharing!

Georgette said...

thanks sooo much for sharing, but for some reason I can't seem to locate the baby bottle photo prop:(

Yelena said...

What an awesome download. Thank you so much! I was wondering if there was a download for the little elephant tags for the candy favors? Thanks!

Unknown said...

I wasn't able to download this for some the link still working. It's darling!

Anastasia C. Maier said...

Hosted a successful gray and yellow baby shower yesterday for one of my best friends. It was a beautiful, memorable day filled with so much happiness. Thank you for the fun printables. They were a hit, and I sent a link of your blog to my friends. Here are some pics from the shower - enjoy!