Baby Shower Idea: Heirloom Inspiration Board

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is it April yet? I can't wait for the Royal wedding! (I even have the Charles and Diana wedding on VHS...) As a tribute to the upcoming nuptials, The Finishing Touch has treated us to this Vintage Heirloom Inspiration Board. Loving the mix of lace, pale colored roses and silver. Perfect for a boy or girl! Be sure to read all 15 tips from The Finishing Touch to create your heirloom shower.

From The Finishing Touch... As a fun nod to the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate as well as their efforts to produce the "heir and the spare" we have put together a fun Heirloom Shower Inspiration Board that works for both boys and girls. This works well especially for an intimate shower of close family and friends so you can break out the "good" silver and china.

15 Tips for your next Heirloom Baby Shower:
1. Color palette of whites, yellow, creams, antique gold, and pale pink or blue
2. Incorporate family crest or monogram (or vintage old stock scraps) into invitations and stationery
3. Use silver baby spoons for coffee and tea spoons
4. Vintage silverware and mismatched china patterns
5. Top tables with antique lace overlays 
6. Use vintage embroidered handkerchiefs as napkins
7. Centerpieces with beautiful flowers (cream spray roses) made from jewelry boxes
8. Food can be simple sandwhich and dessert platters
9. Top a lace accented celebration cake with bronze baby shoes
10. Display sentimental items like Mom and Dad's Christening gowns, vintage family pictures and portraits in antique picture frames
11. Have guests sign a handmade guest book
12. Encourage guests to make things like blankets or give ones that were used by other family members and books to the new baby
13. Have guests bring classic hand me down items for wishing well
14. Hang a bunting made of vintage scraps of fabric
15. Favors could be old family recipes shared on cloth scrolls, Beekman 1802 Baby Soap or vintage letterpress stationery

Inspiration Board and Notes: The Finishing Touch, Wedding and Event Planning

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