Real Baby Shower: Wild Animal Prints

Friday, January 21, 2011

Its snowing here and I needed something bright to cheer me up... This baby shower did the trick! Loving the bright yellow mixed with black and white polka-dots and animal prints from Busy Bee Lauren. This wild animal theme is very clever -- including the Zebra Cakes, Wild Animal Cookies, Dangerous Teddy Grahams, Piranha Goldfish, and many more related snacks and matching signs. And don't miss the lovely polaroids of the pregnant mom-to-be, Lindsey. What a wonderful touch!

From Lauren... when i found out my best friend, lindsay, would be having a baby boy, i jumped at the chance to throw her a baby shower. for the past few months i have been brainstorming on what theme i wanted to go with, and what food to have, and what colors. well, being a procrastinator, i put off doing most of the work until this month. and then i hurt my hand. and i was set back even further on my baby shower planning. basically, everyone...please take my advice: stop procrastinating. it just makes you stressed out. anyway, i was able to pull it off, and the shower was yesterday. please enjoy the photos i have provided :)

the theme was "wild things" i incorporated a lot of animal print and animal themes. for the table, i bought a plastic yellow table covering, and then ran polka dot wrapping paper down the front for a cute, and inexpensive table runner. the red flag banner is actually felt trim that i found at Joann's for 75% off. basically was the best find ever. the zebra edging on the table "cloth" is awesomespice DUCT TAPE that i found at Joann's as well. no one could tell it was the tape. they thought it was ribbon!

i like to use multiple patterns, so things don't get too "matchy matchy". it adds interest and makes things a little more whimsical.

there were homemade snicker doodles and homemade mini mint brownies (made by lindsay's talented mama). i had mini signs by each treat to let the guest know what each item was. i had multiple apothecary jars filled with animal themed treats. the guests were provided with clear celophane bags so they could carry around their treats easily. surprisingly, the cheetos were the biggest hit.

for the drinks, i used sierra's mini mason jars and tops & filled them with a lemonade we made with country time lemonade, pellegrino and sprite. good.

i used the polka dot wrapping paper again, as a table covering. such easy clean-up!

i took instax pictures of lindsay that morning, and then hung them from fishing line on a vintage frame.

i have to say, i couldn't have done it without my best friend, and sister-in-love, sierra. i was freaking out two nights before, and she stepped in and helped me bake cookies, helped me set up and was my partner in crime at the shower. sierra, love you!

Photography & Design: Busy Bee Lauren


Anonymous said...

What an awesome! idea! Love the lemonade.

Melinda said...

Where do you find those glass jar lids, so you can stick a straw through? :) thanks!