Real Baby Shower: Baby Thing's on the Way

Friday, January 7, 2011

Creative baby shower theme? Check. Lots of cookies and cupcakes that look absolutely delicious? Check. Bright and colorful decorations? Check. Photographed and designed by Meagan Birr of
Simply Styled Events, this Dr. Seuss baby shower has it all. True Perfection. I also love the photo booth Meagan designed and the advice cards she paired with each picture for a keepsake. What a wonderful idea. Something very useful during those first couple of days... weeks... (who am I kidding) months... Thanks Meagan for your chic, color coordinated, well designed party! :)

From Maegan... I had the privilege of co-hosting a baby shower for my dear friend, Marie, last weekend. She and her husband John are keeping the baby's name a secret (much to my annoyance) and have instead been calling him "Thing." I don't know about you, but when I hear "Thing" I think of Dr. Seuss, thus the shower theme was born. I went searching for some online inspiration and found some amazing Dr. Seuss themed showers.

I have never co-hosted a shower before, but it worked out really well. I was able to focus on what I do best (design) and they took care of the rest (food, games, guest list). Would you like to see the invitation? I am so pleased with how it turned out.

I scanned and extracted graphics from a few different Dr. Seuss books, tweaked a frame by Heather Ann, and added some of my own Photoshop magic to create the invitation.

The color scheme for the shower was red and teal so I got to work on collecting all sorts of goodies to decorate. I found a rainbow of paper lanterns, feather boas, flowers, ribbon, you name it. I even found "Thing 1" onesies and a "Cat in the Hat" hat!

Marie and I both love taking pictures and one of my gifts to her was pictures of her shower. Lots and lots of pictures. I set up a little "photo booth" area at the shower that I stocked with boas, flowers, a hat and a teal frame. Fun, right?! After I took each guests photo, I had them write down some advice and/or tips for the Mommy-To-Be on 4x6 cards that I designed and printed ahead of time. I paired the photo of each guest with their advice and creating a baby shower album for Marie. Click HERE to see the album in detail and read about how I put it all together.

In addition to the invitation and advice cards, I also created all sorts of Dr. Seuss-y goodness for the shower. I bought "The Cat in the Hat" for each guest to write a message to the baby in (and made a sign). I also counted and made a sign for the "Guess How Many Jelly Bean" game. (There were 593 in case you were wondering.)

Let's not forget about the food. Marie's mom and Angela made a ton of delicious food, and I made..... the signs! (Shocking, I know.) Now for desserts! Lizz and Shannon really outdid themselves. Lizz made the most darling (and yummy) "Thing 1" cupcakes, complete with cotton candy hair, and Shannon made the Seuss-y parfaits and designed a gorgeous dessert table. It really was the perfect touch to the shower. Everyone was raving about it. Good job ladies!

Photography & Design: Maegan Birr of Simply Styled Events


Melissa said...

I absolutely love this baby shower!

Rasmussen's said...

I LOVE this soo much! Do you sell these invitations/ little poems and extras you designed and if not are you willing to post a download? I ADORE THEM.

Also, did she actually make the cotton candy or buy it?

Seriously, cutest shower i have EVER seen!... LOVE