DIY Tutorial: Sugar Stamp

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paper Source is the mecca for craftinistas. I think I might be going through withdrawal since my move... Thankfully you can visit their blog, P.S., to get a plethora of unique designs, inspiration and personal faves! That's where I came across this idea for your next baby shower. All you need is an big stamp from Paper Source or your local craft store, some items from your kitchen cupboard and plates. and viola -- an oh so GLAMOROUS place setting. Tie it into your baby shower theme or just go with something fun and whimsical.

From Liz on the Paper-Source Blog (P.S.)... Lauren was able to stack the plates for easy buffet 
service at the shower…but easy certainly did not look cheap, as this beautiful accent was a hit 
among shower guests. 

Edible Paste of food coloring, powdered sugar, water
Rubber stamp
Paper towel

Step-by-Step Instructions:
1. Make the edible paste by mixing food coloring, powdered sugar and water
2. Apply the paste to the rubber stamp with a paper towel to control coverage
3. Gently and evenly pressed the stamp onto the plate.
4. Place the plate on a table to dry 

Visit P.S. for the full rubber stamping with powdered sugar tutorial.

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