DIY Tutorial: Snowflake Garlands

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remember those days when we were young and addicted to crafts? Wait... I'm still addicted to crafts and young at heart... Nothing has changed, including the crafts... I used to love playing with dollies, and making fun patterns out of them. Amy Merrick of Design Sponge obviously can relate. She came up 
with this cute, super easy, super cheap diy project. Love easy. Love cheap. And especially -- Love 
Design Sponge! I've included the pictures from the tutorial below, but be sure to head over to their 
site for the complete diy project. 


Told you... 100% Cuteness. To view the complete tutorial plus other great diy projects, please visit Design Sponge

Photography & Design: Amy Merrick of Design Sponge

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