DIY Tutorial: Colorful Pom Poms

Thursday, January 20, 2011

If you haven't seen one of these in one of our featured baby showers... well.. let's just say... you should have by now. Because they are EVERYWHERE! Martha Stewart introduced this amazing tutorial and it has spread like wild fire. I just had to make one for myself... Its an easy craft that brings a lot of color to your party. These pom poms can be very large or small enough to be attached to napkins -- for example. You can hang them from the ceiling, chandelier, doorway, tree, etc. I also made a couple to hang in my little girl's room -- couldn't resist!

Eight 20"-30" sheets of tissue paper
Fishing Wire

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Fold the tissue paper accordion style -- 1 1/2" wide
2. Find the middle and tightly secure with wire
3. Trim the edges
4. Slowly pull apart each sheet of tissue paper to form the pom pom (be careful and be sure not to pull too hard and tear the tissue paper -- it happened to me)
5. Attach the fishing wire to each pom pom at the center and hang

Special Note: This concept was originally created by Martha Stewart Weddings -- of course. Check out Martha Stewart for inspiration galore! :)

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