Sneak Peak {Sunday} + Weekly Wrap Up

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do you ever have one of those days where you can't stop thinking that you've forgotten to do something, but you can't quite figure out what is it?  Well, that's the type of Saturday Elizabeth and I had -- and come Sunday afternoon, the light went on and we realized we didn't post our weekly wrap up OR our sneak peak!  Ah!  I blame the candy coma we've been happily living in. (Don't you just love being able to raid the candy bag you're suppose to give to your trick-or-treaters?!)  :)  So, without dilly dallying on this anymore here's a little peak into what you'll be feasting your eyes on in less than 12 hours!  Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

If you're like us and were busy making last minute Halloween costumes take some time to catch up on last week's pretties before we roll out a whole new week of gorgeous-ness!  We promise it'll be worth it!  

Glitter, ribbon, and hand painted pumpkins popping up around every corner in this Lil" Pumpkin theme

An over-the-top glamorous "Pink - o- Ween" spread

Fall in Love with Halloween -- and the gorgeous fall, hearty meal and drool-worthy desserts

These DIY Bag o'Treats are perfect for any baby shower budget and are super easy to make

Step back in time with this 80's Prom Shower 

Real Baby Shower: 80s Prom Shower

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ladies, today you're going to need your best Flash Dance outfit and your trusty bottle of Aqua-Net hairspray because this little feature is designed especially for all the Momma's-to-be who don't quite feel up to trick-or-treating but still want to get dressed up and have some Halloween fun! Yes, costumes for this baby shower are mandatory because as we know "girls just want to have fun"! Designed by Kelly Aguilar of Social Butterfly Events and photographed by the ridiculously talented photographer Jessica Claire this 80's prom baby shower is cheess-ily awesome, the decorations are a total trip down memory lane (hello, balloon entrance arch!), and the 80's photo booth is just plain old rad. This shower definitely makes us want to dig through our box of old high school dance dresses, throw on our snap bracelets, and join in on all the fun! But, the best part about today's feature? The fun doesn't end here -- there are TONS of more killer 80's shower details and silly photo booth pics over at Jessica's blog, so be sure to check them all out!

Design & Photography credit: Jessica Claire / Design: Kelly Aguilar of Social Butterfly Events / DJ: DJ Peter Papadopolous / Catering: 24 Carrots / Cake: Grace of Sweet Gems

DIY Shower: Bag'o Treats

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elizabeth and I love Halloween. It's a chance to get a little wild -- dress up in a costume and indulge in extra sweets! Oh my gosh -- I always loved getting peanut butter cups in my trick-or-treat bag, and Elizabeth admits that m&ms always made her salivate. We're probably a touch too old to be knocking on doors this Halloween in our costumes (especially without Elizabeth's kids), but if you're like us and want to indulge in a little trip down memory lane, we have the perfect DIY tutorial for your upcoming baby shower! These favor bags by Heather of the Coterie Blog remind us of the old trick-or-treat bags we used to carry around our neighborhoods (until we got a bit glutenous and "upgraded" to a pillowcase)!   :)   Heather's paper favor bags are perfect for any baby shower budget, are super easy to make, AND can be customized to any of your themes. Plus, we think your guests will be pretty excited about the fun loot they find inside. (And, honestly, who doesn't love a surprise?!). So, tell us, would you fill the bag with candy? a cupcake? or something completely unexpected and silly?  We'd love to know!

Brown Bags
Filler (these were filled with different types of candy -- M&M's, Jr. Mints, Sour Patch Kids, etc...)
String or ribbon

Step-by-Step Instructions:
1. Find an image that you want to print on your brown bags. Bring it up in a program that will allow you to edit and print projects. Type whatever you'd like to on the bag, then just send it through the printer. The brown bags are generally 5" wide so set your printer accordingly. "Let the wild rumpus start!"
2. Fill the bag with your loot.
3. Fold the top of the bag down just a small amount, maybe 1/2 of an inch.
4. Get a piece of string or ribbon, about 2.5 feet, and place it under the fold.
5. Fold the bag over the string a few times...
6. Then tie it into a cute bow, and you've got yourself a handle! 

To view the complete tutorial and other craft ideas, please visit The Coterie Blog.

Real Baby Shower: Falling in Love with Halloween

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Elizabeth and I know celebrating the addition of a little one on Halloween is a bit ... well, off-beat. :) But, after feasting on Eliza's warm and yummy photographs she took at her friend's October 31st baby shower -- we're convinced that you can successfully incorporate just a little bit of fun Halloween details without going completely ghosts, goblins, and gremlins over board. And, this is exactly what cooking goddess Eliza did. Sure there were pumpkins, fall leaves and a really fun jack-o-lantern, but Eliza balanced out these spooky details by winning over our stomachs with one gorgeous fall, hearty meal and drool-worthy dessert at a time! And, do you want to know the best part? We think that as long as you aren't too afraid to pick up your wooden spoon and get your Betty Crocker on, this wonderful and laid back baby shower is a completely approachable shower theme for anyone. You'll just need to swing by Eliza's mouth-watering blog for the recipes and your local Williams Sonoma for a few things. :)

If looking through these photos made you as hungry as we are, make sure you swing by Eliza's scrum-did-ili-umptious foodie blog where you can find the to-die-for recipes for her ghost pumpkin cupcakes, homemade pumpkin spice ice cream, caramel apples, spiced cider, cinnamon apple tart, roasted green chili corn chowder and potato leek soup.

Food, Design & Photography credit: Eliza of Eliza Domestica

Baby Shower Idea: Pink-O-Ween

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Well, hellooooo, gorgeous!". Yup, that's what you're going say after you're done gasping at this completely, over-the-top glamorous spread that was put together by the insanely talented Courtney from Pizzazzerie. This dessert table is not only full of yummy Halloween fun, but it's also jam-packed with little pink glittery surprises in every photo. (We die!). Yes, we're HUGE fans of this color scheme, but with a quick change in the glitter, ribbons and fabric you could change up the color scheme to match your personality or gender of your lil' bundle of joy that's on the way! Elizabeth and I are dreaming of purple with green or even blue with green or orange -- the possibilities are sort of endless! Yes, we think Kristen Steele's gorgeous photos are proof that your baby shower desserts can be both hair-raisingly cool and truly glamorous.  So, enjoy today's totally glam trick-or-treat eye candy and don't forget to also check out Courtney's sweet note below (where she shares all her secrets on where she purchased her table items and how she crafted her perfectly glitterati treats)!

From Courtney... October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I wanted to share Team Pinkoween with you not only because my father’s mother is a survivor but also for the thousands of women affected daily by breast cancer. I was excited to design a pink, “glammed out” Halloween this year and thrilled to team up with Anders Ruff Custom Designs for the party printables. Purchase yours and a portion of each sale will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. You can also donate on our Team Pinkoween site here. Even $1 is so appreciated!

Disco Dust = AMAZING! There really are no better words to describe this glittery, edible topping. Containing only non-toxic ingredients, it is the perfect topping for a sparkly treat. Sweet! Baking & Candy Making Supply is my go-to for all baking supplies including disco dust. Similar to food coloring, it is edible, though you don’t really want to eat a spoonful of it – you are safe to sprinkle it atop cupcakes or cookies though! I used American Silver. I used a clean, small brush to tap it onto my cupcakes. I loved it so much I’m going to be buying up every color soon, it’s just too much fun.

Glam was a central focus of the design for Pinkoween. These silver candles actually came from Hobby Lobby in their holiday decor (yes, they already have Christmas and winter decor out!). I jazzed them up with a simple ribbon cuff and rhinestone adornment. You will likely see these cuties again soon – working on my favorite dessert table design yet, and they will be incorporated! The pink popcorn boxes actually came from Wal-Mart of all places. I bought them last summer not knowing how I would use them (this is dangerous, you will run out of room in your house if you get into this habit, I speak from experience).

The spider cage has to be one of my favorite finds of the year. Found for just $1 at Michaels (they’re in stock now, run to your local Michaels!). They come in various shapes and colors, they are perfect for wedding or party decor. I spray painted this one black and topped with a silver glitter spray for a rusty, antique look.

Photography: Kristen Steele Photography / Design: Courtney from the Pizzazzerie

Real Baby Shower: Lil' Pumpkin

Monday, October 25, 2010

We hope everyone had a "boo-tiful" weekend! I know -- that was terrible, but it's one week from Halloween, and we just. can't. help. ourselves. Plus, Elizabeth and I decided that this week we would bombard you with lots of Halloween inspired baby showers, shower ideas, and tutorials! So, get ready because we are all about proving that Halloween showers can be fun, stylish, and packed full of delicious-ness! ... And, today's shower by April of Hopscotch Studios is the perfect lesson on how to capture all three. Let's just begin by saying that when your theme is "lil' pumpkin" -- it's hard not to, no wait, impossible not to fall head-over-heels-in-cuteness-love with the baby shower. And, then to top it all off you have have glitter, ribbon, and hand painted pumpkins popping up around every corner! Well, put a fork in us because we are loving the autumnal vibe of this shower! And, we think you'll agree. Who knows -- these photos may even make you want to jump off of your chair and do a little happiness jig. (Ok, maybe it's more of an internal happiness jig). :) Enjoy!

Wasn't that fantastic eye-candy for your Monday morning? Well, if you're like us and need to know more about this adorable lil' baby shower head on over to April's blog to read some of the sweet details of the big day! (And, while you're there you might as well check out her FREE, newly created, and completely chic Halloween-inspired favor bags).

Photography & Design credit: April Williams from Hopscotch Studios Design and Hopscotch Studios Photography