DIY Shower: Stick Stirs

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Have you caught the DIY holiday bug yet? We have. :) Maybe it's the snow, but we're about as giddy as Elizabeth's 3 year-old son about the holiday season! So much that we've got another DIY tutorial up our sleeve, and we promise it's a good one. (And, yes, it involves using some pretty paper. I warned you that we had a "problem"). Inspired by the details at Carlie's baby shower that Jesi Hack shared with us a few months ago, Elizabeth swung by Michael's on her way home from work and crafted up a little party popping detail idea just for you. (I promise that you're going to love her for it.  I mean LOVE her)!  Elizabeth's stir sticks are the picture perfect holiday version of Jesi's already incredibly sweet owl stir sticks that caused quite the commotion and buzz in the DIY (and Elizabeth's) crafting world.  And, after seeing Elizabeth's photographs posted below I think you'll see why.  Can you say most adorable party detail ever for a hot chocolate bar?!  Only thing missing is the whipped cream and mini chocolate chip morsels -- but, we'll leave those details up to you!  

Craft Punch (I used the Martha Stewart Jingle Bells -- 'tis the season!)
Wooden or Bamboo Sticks


Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Punch several Jingle Bells (or another shape of your choice).
2. Glue the backside of one of the Bells and place the stick in the middle
4. Put another Bell on top of the stick and make sure they are positioned together.
5. Place them somewhere to dry flat.
6. Make some yummy drinks and place the stick stirs in each glass.
7. Enjoy!

{Owl Stirs} Photography & Video: Jesi Haack / {Jingle Bell Stirs} Photography: Bump Smitten

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