Baby Shower Idea: Winter Tabletop

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There is nothing about Courtney's winter table setting that Elizabeth and I don't love.  Seriously.
The warm rustic wintery color palette with splashes of aqua -- ::swoon::.  The bucket of Santa Pez dispensers -- oh my gosh, where have you been all our lives?!  And, the little owl place setting cards -- ah!  Get us our glue guns quick!  How can you not love all the sweet kitschy touches that Courtney from Flush Designs dreamed up?!  But, what really sealed our smitten fate with Courtney's winter table setting was when we looked around our homes and realized that this table top was so easy to recreate with all of the holiday decor that is currently occupying our houses for the next few weeks!  Well, okay, that's not entirely true -- we would maybe have to pop into Michaels for some ribbon and material for marshmellow Frosty's scarf!  I mean, we wouldn't want him being completely underdressed for this fantastic holiday baby shower affair.    :)

Design: Courtney of Flush Designs / Photography: Erin de Jauregui of Paloma Images and Courtney of Flush Designs

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