Real Baby Shower: Sprinkles of Pink & Grey

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sprinkle.  Isn't it such a cute word?  It's so light-hearted and fun -- admit it, just saying it kinda makes you smile.  Maybe it's because we associate it with those fun colorful sundae toppings -- or the lightest-of-light spring showers.  But, do you want to know something even more wonderful about this word?  It's not reserved for sundae toppings anymore.  Our latest vendor-crush Stephanie from Couture Parties let us know that it's the new term given to Moms who are having a baby shower for their second, third, fourth (or even more!) bundle of joys!  Um, Elizabeth and I may need a little moment to collect ourselves because we're just a bit beyond smitten here.  ... But, there's more -- turns out at these little soirees, you sprinkle the Mom with love, laughs, and a few gifts -- just sweet little something-or-others.  Oh. My. Gosh.  This is just pure PERFECTION!  Or, that's what we thought when we saw what Stephanie created for one lucky Momma!  Stephanie's cuter-than-cute sprinkle shower is so perfectly feminine -- the details, so delicate and sweet, and the theme just a little bit beyond magical.  An adorable safari with our best girlfriends?  Yes, please!  But, only if we can take home a goodie bag filled with those yummy looking cookies from It's My Party.  We promise to share.   (Maybe).  :)

From Stephanie... Traditionally, you receive a baby shower for your first born baby. You register for big items for baby and you oohh and ahhh over all the generous gifts your friends and family got for you. In todays modern world, it is fun to celebrate all the babies you have! There has also been a name given to this new baby celebration, "Sprinkle". Here is a baby Sprinkle I did for a mama getting ready to have her third baby, this being her first girl! 

I was going with a simple, modern motif. I made yarn pom poms for the napkin rings, glass baby bottles for water, the flower vases had ribbon and a vintage rhinestone button. Each frame had a letter to spell out the new babies name. 

Design & Photography: Couture Parties / Dessert: It's My Party