Real Baby Shower: Ships Ahoy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Having grown up right on the ocean for most of my life, I admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for all things nautical. My husband and I have just a few (read: nine) sailing paintings in our home -- and a few other sailing photographs tucked in our bookshelves. :) So, when Lindsey sent us this nautical theme baby shower, I fell in love -- hard. But with so many creative nautical treats in her photographs it's hard to know where to even start -- maybe with the starfish? or homemade flag buntings? no, wait -- the custom-made life ring welcome sign! Yes, the welcome sign was just the beginning of my love affair. And for Elizabeth it all started when she laid eyes on the invitations and clever sailing lines that were sprinkled throughout the shower. "Ship ahoy -- it's a boy"!? Hook. Line. And Sinker -- we had another sailing fan! And, we think you will become one too after exploring the photo gallery posted below. Enjoy!

From Lindsey Martin... Since the baby's room was decorated ever so cutely in a nautical theme, Christina, the mom-to-be, and I decided to use that idea as the basis for the shower. And oh my goodness, if I ever have a boy, this WILL be the theme for his room, too! The possibilities are endless!

Our amazingly talented friend, Chelsi, designed these invitations, and I absolutely LOVED them. 

She added clever lines such as "join us as we drench the parents with gifts", "the party will set sail 
at ...", and "captains of this voyage are Christina and Lindsey." Flags were cheap and easy to make with lollipop sticks and craft paper. Wishing I had done a better job with the food signs...shouldn't be see-through. Anchor sign was made with the same scrapbook paper as the cupcake flags... Christina made the BEST coffee punch (decaf) that we named "Pirate's Potion". The cup stickers are from 
Office Depot, 300 for $13!

Game time! Christina came up with the cutest game where everyone split up into two groups and cut features from magazines to create a picture of what they thought little Seth would look like. I wish I had a picture of the finished products...they were really good and oh so hilarious! And, of course, the winning team won a bag of lifesavers. (Banner made with scrapbook paper as well.) Christina found some small, wooden wheels and anchors at Michaels craft store that we used as decorations for the banner and a necklace for Kristen. Super adorable!

Design: Lindsey Martin / Invitations: Chelsi

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Carey said...

I got to be at this shower and let me tell you the pictures barely capture how adorable everything was! And all those goodies tasted even better than they looked!!!