Real Baby Shower: Baby Bookworm

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do you have a go to baby shower gift?  Elizabeth and I love to give books.  Maybe it's because there's a little bookworm tucked inside of us or because we both have just such fond memories of sitting in a rocking chair with our Moms, reading for hours on end with our favorite stuffed animal.  (Ok, I'm sure it wasn't for hours, but it was at least for two for three books).  :)  And, with so many wonderful children's stories out there -- it's nearly impossible to leave the bookstore without a (small) library's worth of books for your expecting friend.  Which is maybe why we think this baby shower by Amelia of Amelia Lyon Photography is just a little bit beyond genius.  I mean, a bookworm baby shower?!  Count us in!  Almost every single children's story we love makes an appearance in this creative shower.  Plus, the handmade bookworm invitation is off the DIY charts!  And, even though we heard friends were asked to make an alphabet book for the soon to be bundle of joy (um, how adorable?!), it would have been hard not to sneak away for a little bit with a Dr. Suess or Blueberries for Sal book -- just for old times sake.  :)  Trust us when we say you'll definitely want to bookmark Amelia's incredible baby shower photographs for your inspiration files because there are so just many wonderful steal-worthy ideas!

From Amelia ... I absolutely have to show off the baby shower that a bunch of us girls threw for Jill. It was a "book worm" theme since Jill is such a scholar herself. We thought it was a perfect theme also since we still had no idea what sex the baby was.

The invitations were a labor of love, it took hours, but WORTH IT! My good friend Sarah made all of these little book covers of famous children's books as cupcake toppers. Each table had a theme with matching cupcakes. We had all of the guests make a page to go in Lola's first alphabet book.

Photographer: Amelia Lyon


amber buhrley said...

I was in attendance and it really was as amazing as the photos say! Maybe even more! They had super cute where the wild things are cupcakes and cute hanging book banners! They had fun games that weren't your typical cheesy shower games. WE all had a pretty good time and I definitely made a mental note of some things I want to steal for the next shower I have to throw!

Emily said...

Such a fun idea! I love love the mini books on the cupcakes.

Joyful Mommies said...

Wow - very adorable. And what a great idea to encourage giving books as gifts! There is nothing I love more than when my daughter gets books as gifts so that we can add to her library.

Ashley said...

Amber, you mentioned that they had fun games - can you give me details on those? I'm looking for fun games to play at a baby shower soon. :)

Kristy said...

Where did you get these cupcake toppers?