Baby Shower Idea: Old-Fashion Soda Bar

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

As the winter weather continues to roll in Elizabeth and I seem to crave lots of color -- especially bright bold colors that just draw you in and keep you there for a while -- sitting there in complete and utter happiness.  And, that's exactly how we've felt since laying eyes on this bright and cheery vintage soda bar that the lovely Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day created for an article at Project Wedding.  To put it simply -- we  just can't stop smiling.  And, we're not talking about a little meek smile.  We mean a smile so big your cheeks hurt.  (Don't you just love that when it happens)?  Jordan's project is so wonderfully simple -- but maybe that's what makes us love it even more.  We think it's the most perfect spread to have at your upcoming baby shower -- a little something for your guests to spend time at, looking for their favorite color soda or label.  Plus, this idea can be tweaked to match any color scheme.  Ah!  Could we gush about this any more?!  Easily!  But, let's just get to the pictures already. :)  

Wasn't that just the right pop of inspiration for your Tuesday morning?  Well, if you are as smitten as we are over this candy colored spread, make sure you head over to Jordan's  Project Wedding post to find out where to buy these yummy jewel-toned gems and how to keep these cheery fizzies cool and lookin' good for your guests!  

Design & Photography: Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day! 

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