Real Baby Shower: Baby Boy Garden Tea Party III

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So far we've taken in the gorgeous inspiration boards and the crafty behind-the-scene details of today's inspiration to reality baby shower feature. You know we haven't done many posts in one day, but when the insanely talented and lovely Maegan took us through her baby shower planning journey, we knew we had to share it all with you. (And, well, I know we've loved every second of it!). We hope you are feeling a little bit more inspired. I know we've now got a lot of ideas tucked inside our files for a rainy day -- or, more likely, the next baby shower we plan.   Elizabeth and I can only hope (and cross all of our fingers!!) that our friends will want a shower that mixes touches of countryside charm with dashes of darling modern details because Maegan's elegant, yet laid-back chic shower is the perfect Cliff Notes cheat-sheet for us! So, take your time scrolling through Maegan's photos and reading her sweet notes from this event because there are lots of goodies tucked inside!

From Maegan... The photos don't even come close to doing this baby shower justice! It was so lovely did I manage to not get one shot of the pool? After taking initial shots of the set up & first arrivals, I put my camera away until the end of the party. I think I was in a bit of a "craze" as I was about an hour late {but still an hour early} due to the fact that the zipper was stuck on the silk of the dress I was trying on to wear. Couldn't get it off or on ...and once the late ball starts rolling, the crazy that comes with it doesn't stop until your first glass of lemonade and Malibu Rum ...deep breath ...sigh, and release. Delicious!

The day was warm, the party was a smash, the mama-to-be was gorgeous! I think the tables came together perfectly ... simple yet elegant and lush with lively flowers & succulents with just a touch of baby irony in the footy pajama place mats & coasters and the Spega yogurt {to look like baby food jars} with garden roses. I was happy with the turnout. My 3 tier drink dispenser from Z Gallery $69.95 came in handy again. I just love that thing!

Photography & Design: ...Love Maegan

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