Real Baby Shower: Baby Boy Garden Tea Party

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh fellow baby-shower-planning-holics do we have an IN-CREDIBLE treat in store for you today! This morning Elizabeth and I are taking you on a photographic whirlwind trip through all the phases of planning a baby shower -- we're talking from the inspiration boards, to the crafting, to seeing the final product. That's right -- we're doing three, yes a whopping three, bliss-filled baby shower posts today. And, we have none other than the incredibly talented DIY-crafting guru Maegan from Love Maegan to thank! (Um, have you seen her to-die-for DIY Louboutin shoe tutorial?! So. unbelievably. creative. and. talented. Some ladies have all the luck!) :) So, be sure to have your notebooks and pens ready because the baby boy garden shower Maegan created has so many lovely ideas and snippets that you can use for your own soirĂ©e! But, before we get ahead of ourselves and jump right into all the delicious-ness, let's first take a look at Maegan's lovely whimsical garden tea party inspiration boards that she put together for her friend and Momma-to-be Alison!

They're pretty dreamy right? Well, we can't wait to share with you how Maegan translated these inspirations into reality! So, sit tight -- we'll be back later today with some behind the scene photos AND pics from the big day!

Inspiration boards: Maegan from Love Maegan / Photos via: Country Living & flickrPottery Barn
punch bowl

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