DIY Shower: Pretty Little Menu Wheel

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Did you happen to see the AH-MAZING menu wheels that the insanely talented Anna Bond over at Riffle Paper Co. dreamed up for a wedding? (Pure genius, right?!) Well, Elizabeth and I completely flipped over Anna's design concept, and thought that with a little tweaking, her interactive menus would be absolutely perfect for an intimate baby shower. So, we hunkered down this past weekend at our craft table and got to it! We think these little menus turned out adorable and are a pretty straightforward and easy project that you could take on for your upcoming baby shower. Particularly when it comes to creating your own colorful, DIY tablescape! To make it a bit easier for you we've included both the pictorial, written instructions, and FREE downloadable templates that are posted below -- you know, a little something-something for everyone. :) So, go ahead and check out all of the sweet and simple DIY details below!

Click on one of the descriptions below to download your baby shower Menu Wheel:
Large Circle (Bottom Layer - print on 
colored or white/cream card stock)
Purple Flower (print on white/cream card stock)
Pink Flower (print on white/cream card stock)
Blue Flower (print on white/cream card stock)

Colored craft paper (optional)
Card stock white or cream paper
Brads (I used silver with clear gemstones from Michaels)
screw punch
pinking shears (optional)
pencil & eraser
glue stick
cutting mat
craft knife

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

1. Print the large circle on colored or white/cream card stock. Cut out along line (slightly inside the line so the dotted line does not show)
2. Print the smaller circle on white/cream card stock. Cut out along line (slightly inside the line so the dotted line does not show)
3. Cut out both windows (which reveals each portion of the menu) from the smaller circle
4. Then, using a screw punch, punch out the center of both pieces and insert your brad.
5. Print out your menu items on the same colored paper as you’re using for the backing circle and glue evenly around the paper. 

6. Line up the cut out menu items with the windows and glue in place. Note: You could also print the items directly on the back circle but from experience this can be frustrating if you don’t have everything perfectly lined up. Decrease the font if needed to fit within the windows.

Special Note: This concept was originally created by Rifle Designs for a wedding and then tweaked by us for baby showers.  Check out Rifle Designs for some insane paper inspiration! :)


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