Bump Smitten Maternity: Before the Storms Rolls In

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Before we jump right into our gorgeous real baby shower fun for today, Elizabeth and I wanted to take just a moment to talk to you about about Bump Smitten and the little things we have up our sleeves. If you've been reading us for the last month you know we're all about beautiful baby showers, inspirations and to-die-for-DIY tutorials ... but we're also realizing Bump Smitten should be about the sweet moments leading up to your shower (and maybe even the ones soon after it). :) And, so, we've decided that every now and then, we're going to dig into our files and feature some photos, videos -- just little bump-related things that we are completely smitten with and think you would also adore. So, let's get this sweet little journey started with a bang, shall we!

Today we are head-over-heels in love with Daphanie's AH-MAZING maternity photographs! I mean, on the smitten scale -- her photos are an 11! (But, we're quickly learning we shouldn't expect anything less when Christy from The Picsee Studio is behind the lens -- remember this gorgeous baby shower she put together and photographed?) We can't wait to see what other things Christy may share with us further down the road. To see more photos from this maternity shoot, check out our (new) facebook page -- it's a place where we'll also be sharing some fun extra and behind the scene things!

From Christy... I have been friends with Daphanie since the fifth or sixth grade. I have been lucky enough to play dolls with her as a child, learn how to drive with her as a teenager, see her fall competely in love with her hubby Joe as an adult, and now add to her family with a sweet baby girl this fall. I can honestly say that I thought Erica would be an only child, so obviously I was TOTALLY elated when Daphanie told me the pregnancy news! The day of the session there was a 80% chance of rain, so we bumped up the the shoot time and went for it! We met everybody at ”the farm,” and when Daphanie stepped out of the car Jennifer and I squealed – LOVED her dress! Cute fashion + an even cuter belly = fun maternity! Erica and Joe were precious, loving up on Daphanie’s tummy - the emotion was so authentic and awesome we couldn’t help but take great shots! Then it became REALLY clear that our “chance of rain” was going to be more than just a chance – the storm was creeping up on us throughout the entire session! The whipping wind and darkening sky added so much drama and depth to the photos… We ran for cover before the clouds opened up, and THEN had the awesome idea to put Daphanie, bare belly and all, out in the pouring rain! (The images are UHmazing – and for Joe’s eyes only!) ; ) Daphanie, thank you so much for all your years of friendship and for trusting us to photograph this moment in your life. 

Photographer: Christy Steadman of The Picsee Studio

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Shannah said...

I am in love with this photo! I'm a photographer in Hampton Roads and my best friend from 5th grade also just told me she was pregnant. I'm so excited for her and inspired by this photograph! I can't wait until her bump starts showing and I can start capturing her glow.