Shower Idea: I Spy a Game {Free Download}

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nothings breaks the ice among strangers like a fun game. And, when your friends get really into it -- party. magic. happens. Question is, are you ready to create a little magic at your upcoming shower? Well, count us in because this weekend Elizabeth and I settled into our laptops with some cups of tea and started scouring the web and our little notebook of ideas for some good old fashion inspiration -- and, when we came across Asheville Event Co.'s blog, we knew we had struck baby-shower-gold. We immediately fell in love with their "I Spy" game they included in a rustic wedding and knew that it had to be recreated for a baby shower. Can you just imagine having this game on a table for your friends and family to play?! What a hoot! It's such an adorable way to get everyone involved. And, who knows -- maybe they'll even capture your favorite moment. So, scroll on down to see the four (yes, four!) templates that Elizabeth and I created just for you. And, if you enjoy this little feature, we may even make our free templates a regular thing ... :)

Click on one of the descriptions below to download your baby shower "I Spy" game:
dark pink, light pink, orange and yellow - click here
dark blue, light blue, gray and yellow - click here
dark green, light green, yellowish green, and gray - click here
three variations of purple and gray - click here

Materials list:
Our Template
Card Stock to print on
Craft Knife
Metal Straight Edge
Disposable Camera

Step-by-Step Instructions:
1. Download the PDF and print it onto your card stock
2. Cut the paper in half with your craft knife and straight edge to create two "I Spy" cards.
3. Place the one game at each table setting (or one per table to create "friendly" table competition) with a disposable camera.
4. Get ready to have your picture taken!

Special Note: Thanks to our trusty readers who let us know that this concept was originally created by Martha Stewart -- the queen of party ideas and inspirations. :)


Her BOLD Events said...

Just downloaded them for a shower that im planning for next march! They are adorable. Thank you!

Lisa said...

Thank you SO much for sharing your talent with us! I was actually surprised that these were still free since they are on Pinterest and pretty popular! Thank you SO much and I hope you guys have great karma for sharing these!

mla said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I am very excited to use this at my baby shower in September!