Real Baby Shower: Vintage Owl Chic

Friday, September 10, 2010

Is it Friday yet? Because Elizabeth and I have been bursting at the seam to share this totally chic, vintage-y, and clever baby shower with you that Jesi from Jesi Haack Weddings sent us! The shower was in honor of the uber talented photographer Carlie from Gabriel Ryan -- so it probably won't surprise you that with the party planning dream team of Jesi, Carlie,Carissa of JL Designs, and Melody of Sweet and Saucy Shop, this baby shower oozes charm. Besides the color palette being perfectly bright and cheery, there are so many steal-worthy DIY details that could be applied to a similar or different baby shower party theme. So, all you DIY Mommas-to-be, get out your pens and paper and take notes as you scroll through this gallery.

From Jesi Haack... Ok. So I am DYING. Seriously. When Carlie of Gabriel Ryan invited me to play a role in planning and designing her baby shower, I couldn’t hold still. I was dancing around my living room like a kid needing to go pee. Once we started brainstorming, it completely TOOK OFF. I mean, literally spun out of control. Carlie is so unbelievably creative and when you got the two of us together, we couldn’t stop. There were late night phone calls, tweets, facebooks, texts. We spent endless hours thrifting. We made lists. Changed our lists. Laughed, cried, and laughed some more. I’m not kidding, we were so out of control that we seriously needed someone to bring us down a notch.

Just when I thought life couldn’t possibly get any better, Carissa of
JL Designs JL Designs stepped up and joined our team for floral & event design. Most of you know that JL Designs is THE BEST of the BEST. AHHHHH! With Carissa in the mix, it was about to be kicked up a notch. Oh wait. It gets better. Not only was this party going to LOOK amazing. It was going to TASTE amazing.

Melody, of Sweet & Saucy Shop was recruited next. WHAT??? Yes, I can’t even describe to you the quality of desserts this girl dreams up. With Sweet and Saucy Shop on our team the heat only intensified.

Ok, so mix all of this craziness with the lens of Gabriel Ryan and what do you get? PERFECTION!!!!!! I just knew that all of our designs would be captured with absolute style and flawlessness. I could barely sleep the night after the party. I was so excited to get my sneak peek of the images!

So. Here is the deal. Guests received a hand delivered, cardboard invitation covered in custom fabric and newspaper wrapped in twine. Guests arrived to a table of frozen lemonade. A handcrafted desk awaited the signing of the customized photo-guest book. Hand made Owl fans were conveniently placed to relieve guests from the heat. Burlap and fabric were hung above the picnic area to offer comfortable yet casual seating for the guests. Hand made headpiece & white tissue paper flowers from
Lady Vintique. Phone book flowers made by Jesi Haack Weddings. Handmade jewelry was given to each guest as a ‘thank you’. Old photos of the proud mommy and daddy were hung for all to see.

Photography: Gabriel Ryan Photography / Design & Flowers: Jesi Haack from Jesi Haack Weddings and Carissa from JL Designs / Cookie Owl Images: Karrie from Karrie Pyke Designs / Desserts: Melody from Sweet & Saucy Shop / Headpieces & White Tissue Paper Flowers: Lady Vintique


Ryan said...

Do you ever ACHE when you see something so cool, you HAVE to be a part of it? This is an adorable party, so put together. Now, who's having a baby so I can throw another shower?

EEMorris said...

Adorable! Any idea where that twig cupcake tower (the one holding the delicious looking candy bar cupcakes!) can be found? It looks vintage, and I think I need it!! Thanks!!