Real Baby Shower: Heading Back to School

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elizabeth and I love all things summer -- BBQs, ice cream cones, lake side swims -- we girls cannot get enough! But, the minute we get a hint of that cooler September breeze, we both admit to getting that back-to-school-rush. (Never mind that we've been out of years for year(s)). So, you can just imagine how excited we were when Whitney from Whitney Smith Photography sent us photographs from the school theme baby shower she threw for her friend Emily who is an elementary school teacher. Whitney really did her homework and left out no details -- apples? Check. Brown paper bag favors that have a note from "Mom"? Check. Sandwiches served on a lunch tray? Check. We could keep going on and on about this shower, but we'll just say that the details of this party are an adorable trip down elementary-school-memory-lane. (Though Elizabeth and I don't remember our schools ever serving warm chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven as a snack. Lucky guests).

From Whitney... I (along with the AMAZING help of Britney!) had the honor of throwing a baby shower for my friend, Emily. I am so excited for Emily and Andrew (I went to High School with Andrew) and their little boy-on-the-way. Emily is an elementary school teacher so I thought it would be cool to play off that theme for the shower. The chalkboard easel is the product of my first Craigslist transaction. I am "very lucky to own it because the seller is an arteeest". (her words, not mine.)

The ladies sat and gossiped (not really gossiped, but thats what men think women do when they get together) while the lunch was being prepared. Its now officially against the law to have a party and NOT have pom poms present. It was very hard for my perfectionist-self to handwrite the menu out on the chalkboard menu. (thanks to computers i never have to) But I guess it helped give it a more authentic school-y feel. We served chicken salad sandwiches wrapped in true lunch-sack fashion. PS. I am SO proud of myself for making the table-runner. When everything was ready we let the masses come and eat. The beautiful mommy-to-be with her cafeteria lunch tray.

While the ladies ate I handled story time. We secretly got Emily's students to write advice to Mrs. Moulton. WOW. The things kids say. Please excuse this hideous face. But this is me reading the "advice".

Emily's mom and Andrew's mom brought baby pictures from the two of them. They are going to make one handsome, TALL boy. Covered books were stacked on the piano for decoration. I personalized a comp book for all the shower memorabilia to go in. i.e. who gave what present and little wishes the guests wrote to baby Moulton. Then the after-school snack was served. Peanut butter and jelly bars (of course!) and...... warm (literally. I was sweating it out in the kitchen during show & tell (present time) to make sure these were FRESH out of the oven) cookies and milk. And more diet coke. Women take their diet coke seriously. and I am obsessed with these skinny little cans from Target. Favors: lunch sacks filled with hot tamales with a note from "mom"! (hot tamales have nothing to do with school, they are just plain yummy) What a fun party. I couldnt have done it without Britney's help. Now we just have to wait for adorable Mr. Moulton to arrive!

Photography: Whitney Smith


Rachael said...

What uncanny timing! I've check back periodically since your beautiful site debuted, and what perfect eye candy/inspiration for an extremely similar shower I'm throwing for another teacher next Thursday- "Gg is for girl". Beautiful details, beautiful photography, beautiful site. Thanks for sharing ladies!

bump smitten said...

Rachael, thank you so much for your kind words! We hope the shower went well! Any chance some "Gg is for girl" photos will make an appearance on your awesome blog?! We'll keep our fingers crossed!

Anjuli said...

Where are the invites from? I'd love to order for an upcoming shower that I am planning!

bump smitten said...

I think those were hand-made from the Whitney Smith, the hostess.