DIY Shower: Fun Fortune Cookie Favors

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don't you love little surprises? Maybe that's why fortune cookies are just so fun to eat. By themselves, the cookies are so simple -- but, with a fortune tucked inside them they become a playful surprise and something you can laugh about with friends. Now aren't these little cookies beginning to sound like the perfect baby shower favor or sweet treat? Well, luckily for you Elizabeth and I found the most perfect fortune cookie DIY tutorial to share with you! Created by the mastermind over at Inchmark, Brooke Reynolds dresses up these little treats by giving them a touch more flavor with a delicious Martha Stewart recipe and creating some melt-your-heart fortunes. (We aren't kidding about the fortunes -- you are going to seriously fall head over heels in love with them). We think Brooke's cookies are such an original and personable idea for a baby shower favor.  And, we'd be surprised to hear that if after reading her tutorial, you weren't running to the grocery store for some heavy cream, eggs, butter, sugar, flour, and almond extract.  I know that's where we'll be.  :)

From Brooke Reynolds... I needed a favor for my friend Emily's baby shower recently, and decided to make some personalized fortune cookies. I'm not a fan of the crunchy stale fortune cookies you usually get after a meal in a Chinese restaurant, but these homemade fortune cookies not only look cute, they actually taste pretty delicious!

Materials list:
Unsalted Butter
Superfine Sugar
All-purpose Flour
Pinch of Salt
Heavy Cream
Almond Extract
Nonstick cooking spray
Silpat (optional)
Fortunes (printed and cut into strips, about 1/2" high and 7" wide. Cut edges on diagonal)
Small White Takeout boxes
Glassine Paper

Step-by-Step Instructions:
1. The recipe I used is a traditional tuile batter, which you drop by spoonful onto a Silpat.
2. Then using the back of your spoon, you push the batter into a 4" circle, keeping it as thin and even as you can. The cookies bake quickly, you want to watch them carefully and pull them out when the edges are just barely golden.
3. Once the cookies come out of the oven, you need to work quickly to add the paper fortunes and form the cookies. If the cookies cool, they will harden and be too brittle to twist and shape. Small batches work best, I started doing 4 at a time, and got up to 6 (but you've really got to work fast to get all 6 twisted and folded before they are too brittle).
{I came up with as many fortunes as I could for this new baby girl, things like "Baby Wight will never cry" or "Baby Wight will grow up to be a famous trapeze artist" or my favorite, "Baby Wight will be a boy! Surprise!". The fortunes were printed and cut into strips, mine are about 1/2" high and 7" or so wide.}
4. It takes a few batches to get all this figured out. Just a few extra seconds in the oven can change the color of your cookie pretty quickly. The cookie at top was pulled out a bit early, the middle cookie is just right, and the bottom cookie stayed in the oven a little too long.
5. I packaged the cookies in little white takeout boxes, filled with some pink and white dotted glassine, and I packed a few larger boxes with some extra cookies for Emily and her family.. full of wishes and good fortunes for their new little baby.

Welcome little one.

To view the complete tutorial and other craft ideas, please visit Inchmark.

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